Model with a deep side parting hairstyle
Hair Styling | Side Part

Different Hair Parts: Middle, Side, or Zig-Zag

If you’re after a dramatic change with a minimal amount of effort, try parting your hair differently! By simply switching the side you part your hair, you can really emphasize certain facial features. By experimenting with different hair parts, you can update your look without the need to cut or dye your hair! Discover more about new parting styles here.


Middle parts are most suitable for thinner faces

Brunette woman with wavy hair and middle part

A middle part lets you frame your face perfectly

The middle part is back in vogue! Once considered a bit too 70s for the modern era, the middle part has been given a new lease of life in the fashion world and is trending yet again. Keep in mind that with a middle part, your hair tends to frame the entire expanse of your face, however, meaning that it, for example, tends to make round faces appear rounder.


Wavy or curly hairstyles look great with a middle part, but straight and thin hair can end up looking stringy rather than sleek. In the case of dyed hair, parts in the middle of the head will draw particular attention to regrowth in a different color.

The flattering side part

Brunette woman with long hair and side part

To the left or to the right? Whatever your heart desires...

Side part haircuts are flattering and work well for most women. We recommend placing your side part a little to the right or left from time to time or to switch it to the opposite side, as this can give your hair more bounce and volume.


Although there are different hair parts, the side part seems to have the easy, girl-next-door vibe that looks great, especially on women with diamond face shapes. This is because it shows off the angles of the face extremely well. It can be as messy or sleek as you like, as both suit formal and informal occasions. Some celebs even rock an extreme side part, which is often used for the red carpet. This option really accentuates your cheekbones, and if you add some statement earrings, you’ve got yourself a striking look that is perfect for a night out.

Zig-zag parts are meant to be messy

Blonde woman with zig-zag part looking at cell phone

The messier, the better when it comes to zig-zag parts!

Though zig-zag parts used to be very precise in the 1980s, messy and undone parts are all the rage now. It’s best not to worry about any darker hair near the roots, and don’t bother using a zig-zag comb, as these end up giving you a part that’s way too defined! Of all three different hair parts, zig-zag parts look the coolest when they are a little untidy and natural. Comb your hair back and hold it using the palm of one hand. Then, use the handle of a teasing comb or even a thick knitting needle to draw a zig-zag line front to back. Finally, pull your hair to both sides and comb it down. Finish by applying some hairspray to hold the hair in place.