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Quick Check: Will Short Hair Look Good On Me?

To cut or not to cut – before your hair stylist chops off your locks, find out if a short haircut will look good on you using a simple formula. The “ruler rule” is a reliable way to find out the answer to the question, “Does short hair suit me?” What’s the secret? To find out, all you have to do is take a couple of measurements.


Interested in getting a short haircut? Most people will face this decision at least some point in their lives: to cut or not to cut? Trendy lob, power-pixie or buzzcut – just anything short and fresh. But where’s the guarantee that it’ll actually look good once it’s been cut? By then it’s too late, after all. “Oh, but it’ll grow back” is never something anyone wants to hear. Plus, it just takes way too long! If only someone had just told you before: “Short hair isn’t for you."

Quick check: The ruler rule

But the times of uncertainty are over! For those of you wondering “will short hair suit me?” there’s now a formula, the “ruler rule,” that makes it super easy to quickly find out if the short haircut of your dreams will be a hit or miss in reality. You just need to measure and do some arithmetic. Complicated? Not at all! All you need is a ruler (or tape measure) and a pencil. The idea behind this formula: the angle of the jaw determines whether someone looks better with shorter or longer hair. The measurement that you should keep in mind is 5.5 cm (just over 2 ⅛ inches). But for now, let’s just take some measurements.

Here’s how it works

Measuring from ear to chin with a ruler

All you need is a pencil and a ruler to work out if short hair suits you

To find out the answer to the question “would short hair suit me?”, simply measure the distance from your earlobe to your chin. Hold the pencil horizontally right underneath your chin and hold the ruler vertically directly under your ear.


The point where the pencil and ruler intersect reveals the answer: If the distance from your earlobe to the point of your chin is less than 5.5 cm, head over to the salon to get that short haircut without a second thought! If it’s longer than 5.5 cm, a longer haircut might be the better way to go.

The ruler rule: Summary

Whether you really stick to this rule or not is of course entirely up to you. And if the measurement is less than 5.5 cm (giving you the green light for short hair), but you love your long locks, then just keep them!


If you like short hair more, think it looks good on you, and find it more practical, even if the ruler rule says otherwise, that’s also perfectly fine! Exceptions prove the rule, and to be honest: nothing makes you more beautiful or more confident than feeling good in your own skin!