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The Pageboy Haircut: Timeless and Stylish

The pageboy haircut is an absolute classic. It’s so timeless that it’s even in popular demand today. It just exudes confidence. We’ll explain what the pageboy hairstyle is and if it would be a good look for you.


Are you on the lookout for a timeless and modern hairstyle? Then the pageboy haircut is a great option. This style gets its name from the hairstyles that medieval English pages wore at court. But the hairstyle was already worn in Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptian depictions show both men and women with chin-length pageboy hairstyles and straight bangs. In the 20s, the haircut became a total trend and then again in the 50s and 60s. The pageboy haircut lets women give off an independent vibe and an air of confidence and self-assuredness. You’ll find out all you need to know about this stylish haircut here.



What is a pageboy haircut and what does it look like?

Women with white hair in pageboy style, crossing the street
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Step back in time to the 20s with the pageboy haircut

As mentioned above, this haircut was already in vogue in the 20s. This modern youthful short hairstyle is based on the men’s haircut worn by the English “pageboys.” Women with pageboy haircuts therefore gave off an air of confidence, intellect, and independence, which matched the increasing trend of women pursuing their own careers – a revolutionary act for that time. At first mostly younger women were seen with this hairstyle, and it represented a way to rebel against the reactionary image of women at the time. In that way it became a symbol of emancipation, making it all the more relevant for today’s feminist movement.  


The pageboy haircut is a very geometric short style characterized by its clear lines. The haircut can be worn at different lengths, with or without bangs, and in bright colors. The most important feature is its clear and precise lines: if the pageboy haircut is worn with bangs, then they’re to be cut extremely straight. The sides are also cut straight in one line. In its shortest version, the hair at the back of the head is as short as with the men’s hairstyle. In the 20s, the pageboy look was also styled with fingerwaves.


Pageboy haircut: Here are the nicest versions

The pageboy haircut with bangs is without a doubt a true classic and is not without reason a favorite of the fashion and film industries. Perhaps the most well-known celeb with a pageboy haircut is the editor-in-chief at US Vogue, Anna Wintour. The jet black ‘do of actress Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction is also hard to forget. Her character, Mia Wallace, became an absolute cult figure in the 90s. In all these examples, the bangs are cut super straight, all in one line. But this hairstyle doesn’t need to be worn black; it can also be dyed bright red or orange and it’ll look just as good!


The pageboy hairstyle without bangs is another great alternative. Here, the forehead remains bare, meaning you can see more of the face. This version was already sported by Hollywood stars in the 30s. The hair would usually be at shoulder-length, and styled with the ends curled under and a deep side part.


With a short pageboy haircut, the hair should reach to your earlobes at the most. The hair in the back can be as short as with men’s cuts. This form of the hairstyle tends to frame the face nicely, highlighting the jawline and cheekbones. In the 50s and 60s the pageboy haircut was often worn to the jawline and would be styled with added volume.


What’s the best way to style the pageboy haircut?

Woman with black hair and long pageboy haircut
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Pageboy haircuts don't necessarily have to be super short

The pageboy haircut can be worn straight and sleek or wavy and with tons of volume. It just depends on the look you’re going for. Anna Wintour’s look, for example, is extremely precise, stylish, elegant, and super classy. It’s commanding and exudes seriousness, confidence, and control. No hair is out of place. For a look like that, the pageboy needs to be blow-dried inwards using a round brush and finished with hairspray. Tip: For an elegant finish, use shine spray all over.


Those going for a more retro look should reach for wax or pomade. That’s how women in the 20s attained a glamorous evening look. If a romantic touch is more your thing, feel free to style your hair in waves, or even fingerwaves. For a voluminous 60s look, use a volumizing hairspray. Tip: Using dry shampoo and volumizing powder is another great way to get more volume.


Who looks good with a pageboy haircut?

Women with fine facial features look great with this haircut since they are highlighted here. The haircut also looks nice on those with oval and heart-shaped faces. Women with fine, straight hair can also rock the pageboy hairstyle since this geometric cut keeps the hair together and looking full. The pageboy haircut frames the face, thereby making it the focal point. Tip: Your makeup should be as flawless as your haircut. Don’t lay it on too thick, however, and only emphasize either your eyes or your lips.


In conclusion: Four good reasons for getting a pageboy haircut

Woman with gray hair and pageboy haircut
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This hairstyle is great for elongating your neck

  •  It’s low-maintenance and you don’t need too many styling products. Hair is dry in no time after washing it, and styling is also a breeze.
  •  The short hair is light and breezy, making it ideal for summer. You won’t carry around a lot of weight on your head and your neck will stay nice and cool.
  •  Short hair comes across as young and fresh, making this haircut act like a fountain of youth.
  •  The haircut elongates the look of the face, emphasizing an elegant long neck as well.