Singer with white hair in an elegant updo hairstyle
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Styling Short Hair In The Evening


Despite what others might think, short hair is quite versatile and can be styled in several different ways. From pixies to pompadours to a deep side part, it’s possible to create beautiful evening styles to turn short hair into glamorous head-turning dos. If you have short hair, evening styles for everything from proms to red carpet walks to first dates are sure to look stunning.


While short hair has been popular for some time now, many attribute the hugely famous 1960’s model, Twiggy, for really pushing shorter hairstyles into the mainstream. Her pixie cut started a hair revolution at a time when hairstyles were quite conventional. Daring women enjoyed wearing their hair short, and many unique styles continue to emerge in the present. When paired with the right earrings and necklace, for example, styling short hair provides the wearer with a lot of new fashion opportunities and a glamorous expression of personal style in the evening.


Short hairstyles to wear for evening events


For any woman who likes the idea of having shorter hair but isn’t sure which styles will be suit them, we’ll provide a few examples of versatile and trendy short hair for the evening. Styles for every skin tone and hair type are easy to find, especially if you incorporate hair accessories, the right evening gown, statement jewelry, and use styling wax, gel, or mousse to get the desired effect.


Deep side part – The side part haircut is highly flattering and gives hair a lot of volume. Parting your hair to the side provides a big, bold style which looks good wavy or sleek.


Wet look – That “fresh out of the shower” look is a favorite for celebrities on the red carpet, simply because it’s so elegant and sexy. The wet hair look requires gel, a comb, and a bit of patience to get it exactly right. But once you have the look, you’ve got a hairstyle for the evening that is sure to hold all night.


Shaved – Who said styling short hair had to be complicated? Women are shaving their hair more than ever, and it’s not hard to see why! The carefree, cool look, especially when dyed blonde, is trending all across the world and is perhaps the simplest hairstyle to maintain.


Pixie – The short haircut that started it all… the pixie can be worn in several different ways, including a deep part and slicked down like Twiggy, with an undercut, with bangs, or even the trendy asymmetrical pixie.


Pompadour – With a short back and sides, the pompadour allows for the top of your hair to be big, wavy, and curly! This hairstyle really stands out, and is ideal for the woman who is proud and confident with her short hair. If your hair has enough height, you could even turn this into a loose curly updo, especially if the sides and back are shaved.


Short and spiky – This is one of the classic ways to have short hair for an evening style. Requiring some hair product of your choice and a blow dryer to add some volume, go short and spiky if you don’t like your hair to be so formal and rigid. This also works particularly well for short gray hair.

Useful tips for styling short hair


Even the best of us have those unruly, bad hair days! Women with short hair are certainly no different, but there are a few tips and tricks to employ for when those hair strands just don’t want to agree with you! 


  • Try to prevent, rather than fix. Use a volumizing mousse to add volume and comb your hair in the right direction, then let it air dry. It can also be slicked back for the wet look.
  • To fight frizz, a good idea is to fill a spritzer bottle with water and spray liberally over the hair. Next, use sea salt spray to give a loose textured style. Dry shampoo can also be used to add some volume and re-style.
  • Use bobby pins or headscarves if all else fails! Sometimes, it’s better to keep unruly hairs in place with the use of bobby pins, or simply use a headscarf to push back the hair and you’ve got a cool style at the same time.