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Top Haircuts For Round Faces

If you are lucky enough to have a round face then you will be more than familiar with all of the stunning benefits that come with it. Rounded face shapes make people appear friendly, youthful and full of vigor. Finding the right hairstyle for round faces can however sometimes prove difficult. Too much hair around the sides of the face can have a widening and shortening effect. Instead, you want something to help balance and enhance your beautiful natural features. Here we take a look at some of the best haircuts for round faces and how to style them.

What is a round face hairstyle?

Round face hairstyles

Bangs are a great haircut for round faces.

When deciding what style to cut your hair it is generally recommended that you consider your face shape. Hair frames our face and can help to both hide and enhance our features for an amplified effect on our natural beauty. Consequently, there are a number of different recommendations for hairstyles for oval faces, as well as rectangular, heart-shaped and even diamond.


Typical characteristics of a round face can include, but are not are limited to:


  • A circular hairline
  • A soft and rounded chin
  • Full cheeks
  • Width of face equal to its length

Best hairstyles for round faces

Woman with haircut for round face

The lob: A classic hairstyle for round faces

There are plenty of different haircuts that work amazingly well on round faces that you can choose from. Along with your face shape, of course, you’ll also want to choose a style that plays to your hair’s natural texture and strengths. Read on to see what we reckon are some of the best both long and short hairstyles for round faces.


The lob

A long bob (lob for short) is not only a versatile and trendy look, but it can be easily adapted according to your natural hair texture. Wear it straight, with waves, or curls: they are all equally as flattering. The lob is a great haircut for round faces because of the lengthening effect it has and its options for incorporating a side part or bangs.

Side-swept bangs

Bangs are for the most part a no-go for round face haircuts. Typically, they shorten the face and can make it seem wider, which results in already wide faces seeming somewhat out of proportion. Side-swept bangs, however, are an exception to the rule. Cut thinner than heavy bangs, the wispy strands have a softening and obscuring effect on the face dimensions. Emma Stone is a great example of someone who successfully wears a side-swept haircut for a round face.


Pixie cut

The pixie may seem like a somewhat dauntingly short haircut for round faces, but trust us that it looks amazing! The cropped hair helps to emphasize the fresh and youthful look of round faces, while still allowing plenty of options for variation. For instance, cutting in an asymmetric style can help to detract from the broader areas of your face and draw more attention to your eyes.