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Guide For Trendy Red Hair Styles

Strawberry red, dark red, neon red, or brownish red are just some of the many fashionable color choices for red hair. The color of fiery passion and intrigue, there are a lot of fantastic hairstyles and streaks that really bring out this flaming hot shade. Here, we’ll show you various popular tints and hues of red in combination with on-trend hairstyles.


From runway models to a girl going about her daily job, hairstyles for red hair can work on anyone! A certain sense of daring and vibrancy accompanies this fashionable look, and as you’ll find out below, red hair can be shaped into a lot of cool and chic styles to suit all types of hair and face shapes. 

Ways of wearing hairstyles for red hair

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Red hair worn loose looks amazing, but maybe it's time to try out some updos?

We believe that red is the color of passion! Many fantastic shades and tints of reddish hair are available for different styles and complexions; for example, strawberry blonde is particularly suitable for light complexions. The vibrancy of brownish red hair adds glow to light to medium complexions. As well, neon red is the most luminous red hair color choice for playful free spirits.


Red highlights or streaks are the perfect solution for women who do not want to color all their strands deep red. Ombre hair or red streaks are in vogue—adding soft or fiery red hues to light or dark red hairstyles is a small change with a big difference.

Trendy haircuts for redheads

With all the tints and shades of red out there, it should be fun to find the best red hair color nuance for your locks! Of course, hair color and hairstyle choices should be a matching pair. Red hair looks particularly glamorous if it is combined with big-volume hairstyles. Hairstyles for red hair include tucked-in matte hairstyles and messy styles are also an impressive combination.


  • Pixie – Redheads often have beautifully thick hair, which means shorter styles like the pixie cut look incredibly effective. Highly practical and easy to achieve, pixies are great for a professional image but also a night on the town!
  • Bob with bangs – The long bob, often called a lob, is very flattering for many face shapes and is incredibly versatile in terms of length and style when it comes to natural reddish hair. Try fringed bangs for a more youthful appearance or go for straight bangs for a classy, conventional image.
  • Undone – Wear it loose! The undone look is quickly becoming one of the most popular options regarding hairstyles for red hair. This is because it appears a bit wild and carefree but is actually suitable for lots of different events.
  • Curls – No matter if the length of the curls is medium or long, curly hair is always striking and voluminous to the eye! Most of the time, you can get away with manufactured curls as well! Here are a few tricks for getting curls for your hair. Be sure to try out some Schwarzkopf products like göt2b® Be Twisted curl reviver cream or even göt2b® Be Twisted air dry curl foam for big, beautiful curls that are set to stun all who see them.
  • The Rachel – One of the most famous layered hairstyles of all time, the Rachel cut (worn by Jennifer Aniston in the hit TV show “Friends”), this hairstyle for red hair is all about bounce, which is perfect for redheads who already have loads of natural volume. Feel free to use Schwarzkopf göt2b® Volumaniac™ hairspray to boost the volume!