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Prom Hairstyles For An Unforgettable Look

Prom night is one of the most hotly anticipated events of your whole time at high school and everyone wants to look their best for it. With all the photos being taken and memories to be made, you want to make sure you have the right dress, makeup, shoes, and – of course – hair for prom. No matter the length, cut, or texture of your hair, with so many hairstyles for prom to select, you are sure to find the perfect look for this amazing night.


Prom hair ideas to make you stand out

When you start thinking about hairstyles for this important night, you know you need a look that is extra special and eye-catching. Whether it means adding a new splash of color to your locks, practicing some new braiding techniques or going to town with hair accessories, you can create an unforgettable style tailored to precisely what you want. Some prom hairstyles never go out of fashion and are versatile enough to suit almost anyone. Here are three of the most popular looks that you can easily create for head-turning and stunning hair.  

Braided hair for prom

Woman with blonde braided prom hair
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A stunning fishtail braid completes this prom look

Braids come in all different shapes and sizes and can be intricately woven into an updo or worn loosely down the back. Popular braid hairstyles include fishtail and Dutch braids, which are more prominent and eye-catching than the classic French braid. If you have fine hair then consider a milkmaid braid or a braided underside. These cute prom hairstyles let you enjoy all the romantic playfulness of the braid but still leave half a head of hair to blow out or add curls to for more volume. If you have thick hair, then consider going for a full side-swept fishtail that will keep everything in place for the whole night while letting you add hair jewelry or flowers to the look.  

Hollywood glamor waves

Channel the great femme fatales of film noir and add some serious Hollywood glamor to your prom hairstyle. Drawing from the likes of Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall, Lana Turner, and Ava Gardner, give yourself a 1940s makeover with long loose curls that silkily fall down your back. The best news? This is an easy prom hairstyle that you can create from home with just a comb and a curling iron.


  • After washing your hair, use a heat protectant for hair and comb through completely
  • Once your hair is dry, separate it into sections that are manageable with a curling iron (8 – 12 depending on the thickness of your hair)
  • Curl the bottom sections of hair with your curling iron about 3 inches from the root
  • Use a fixing spray lightly over the curls you have just put in, something like Schwarzkopf’s göt2b Beach Trippin texturizing finishing spray will do the trick
  • Repeat the process on the upper sections of hair: try to create the curls facing in the same direction
  • Gently comb through the curls using a flat brush or your finger
  • Pin back one side of your hair behind the ears and use a final spray of fixer

Classic hair for prom: The updo

Brunette woman with a prom updo

Perfect for prom...and for keeping hair out of your eyes

Prom updos can be simple and classic or wild and extravagant. Most people use a low bun adorned with plaits, loose tendrils and ornamental pieces to bring their look to life, while others sometimes opt for super volume with their hair piled high with bouncy curls falling down. If you are stuck for which prom hair updo to go for, think about your hair’s natural qualities. If it is thick and unruly, then a twisted bun or braided chignon hairstyle will keep your hair out of the way while still looking gorgeous. Alternatively, for girls with thin hair, an oversized bun and dash of our göt2b Volumaniac hairspray can help add volume