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What To Know About Styling Curly Hair For Men

Many men out there believe that their own curly hair is difficult to manage, but when done right and with care, curly hair can provide you with a lot of styling options and tons of volume. If you want to know how to style curly hair for guys, then simply read on and find out.

Hair care tips for curly hair

For any guys out there wondering how to get started looking after and styling your curly hair, fear not, help is at hand. First and foremost, start by considering these useful tips and tricks for how to style curly hair for men.

  1. Shampoo no more than twice a week. Curly hair is particularly susceptible to drying out and frizzing, and because shampooing strips away natural oils, it dries your hair out even further. Using a moisturizing conditioner will help avoid frizz.
  2. A wide-toothed comb is safer for your curls, as a fine-toothed comb will snag more often and potentially damage the follicles, as well as leaving your hair frizzy. You can also use your hands to untangle any knots.
  3. Air drying your hair is the best option when it comes to styling curly hair for guys. If you’re short on time, then use the towel to pat dry the hair instead of rubbing, as being too vigorous can tangle your hair even more. Using a hairdryer can typically leave your hair feeling dry and lifeless, although using a diffuser attachment can certainly help define the curls better and help prevent frizziness.
  4. For best tips on styling curly hair for men, try to avoid thick gel or wax products, as these will make curly hair appear heavier and greasier. Instead, opt for soft creams and salt sprays, as these can help enhance the curls even more and let your hair appear more natural. Of course, when styling short hair for men, gel and wax products are perfectly suited if your hair is straight and fine.

How to style curly hair for guys: best hairstyles

If you’re after more inspiration regarding curly hairstyles for men, then consider some of the following:


Curly undercut: Definitely on-trend and a popular style for many guys, an undercut means that you can make the full use of your curls on top, whilst having less maintenance at the back and sides.


Curly side part: This is similar to an undercut, yet with more length at the back and with faded sides. This is where a sea salt spray or moisturizing cream will come into good effect, as you can show off the real definition of the curls and achieve that bedhead look.


Long and luscious: Curly hair really comes into its own when the length gets longer. You’ll find that maintenance is actually very minimal, other than a slight trim every three months to keep the tips from splitting. If you keep the shampooing to once a week, use conditioner and a sea salt spray, then your curls will really shine forth! Tying your hair into a man bun also works great for those days when you want to remain stylish but with minimal fuss.


Remember that when styling curly hair, men are all different and you should find a look to suit your face and lifestyle. However, the same care tips apply to all and will make life with curly hair so much easier!