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Hairstyles for Men Over 50 – Stay Distinguished and Elegant

If you’re looking for attractive haircuts for men over 50 but don’t know where to start, look no further! From Hollywood to the pages of magazines and some of the greatest minds of business, there are a number of older men over 50 who are not only wearing their grey hair with pride but who are looking incredible doing so. Taking inspirations from them, instead of dyeing your hair check out the great examples of so-called "salt and pepper" hairstyles below and make sure to give our hair care and styling tips a try.

Long & short hairstyles for men over 50

Many people see their first appearance of grey hairs as a scary sign of getting older. However, grey hair shouldn't be frightening! On the contrary, you can view it as a chance to try out new styles and a fresh look. There are countless short hairstyles for men over 50 and even long hairstyles for men over 50 for that great head of hair! Today, greying hair is no big deal, but you may want to adapt your hairstyle for a new look. Formal and short haircuts for men over 50 are usually the most favored option, as these require less maintenance but still look fashionable and refined. Of course, many Hollywood stars still working today wear their greying hair short, with every one of them managing to express his personality with a unique hairstyle.

Managing haircuts for men over 50

To increase the appeal of greying hair, hairstyles for men over 50 require special care and styling treatment, like using a dedicated shampoo for gray hair, for example. This is due to the fact that greying hair contains less melanin, which protects the hair’s keratin from the damaging effects of UV rays. Hair also gets thinner with increasing age and as a result, grey hair needs more UV protection. For grey hair to get the best treatment, short hairstyles for men over 50 can stay strong and look incredible by using a vitalizing shampoo and nutrient-rich conditioners for hair and scalp. Gliss® Extra Volume shampoo paired with Gliss® Extra Volume conditioner will help to restore the vibrant nature of your hair.


Gel, paste, and pomade are all rich in oil and are well suited to short hairstyles for men over 50 because they condition the hair and provide an appealing shine and finish. Try Schwarzkopf's göt2b® Phenomenal® thickening cream or göt2b® Phenomenal® molding paste for a cool, modern look that will give your hair new life.

Some great short hairstyles for men over 50

Men with greying hair should be happy that there are many classic hairstyles to choose from, some of which we'll discuss in brief detail here:


  • Side part: Especially when combined with a beard, this is perhaps the most traditional but still stylish look for the older gent.
  • Quiff: Although you don't have to shave the sides like many younger people are doing now, pairing a short back and sides with a quiff – or pompadour – is such a cool style.
  • Crew cut: One of the most low-maintenance and easiest hairstyles for men over 50 on this list, the crew cut with short tapered sides is perfect for those who still have enough hair on top to use styling gel or paste.
  • Slicked back: Embrace your inner James Dean and slick your hair back for a confident yet simple style.
  • Buzz cut: If you really hate having to style your hair but still want a modern, fresh look that suits greying hair, then the buzz cut is for you.
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