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The Bradley Cooper Style

Bradley Cooper shows us exactly how haircuts for men over 40 should be done. We look back on the actor/producer’s various hairstyles throughout the years of his marvelous career. The mix includes hairstyles ranging from long combed-back styles to razor-short military haircuts. The ‘Cooper Hairstyle’ shines through all his hairstyles – read on for some tips on adopting this style.

Bradley Cooper’s frequently changing hairstyles are always worth a second look. The actor provides the perfect inspiration when it comes to hairstyles for men in their 40s – whether you’re into long or razor-short hair. Men are quick to adopt the appealing hairstyles. The heart-shaped face of Bradley Cooper often adds to the appeal of his hairstyles. Quite often, he will wear a beard to add a little something to his appearance.

At the celebration after the Broadway opening of ‘The Elephant Man’, Bradley Cooper appeared without a beard wearing the 'Cooper Hairstyle' with undone medium-length hair (see the photo above). This is the hairstyle, which movie-goers associate with Bradley Cooper in the movie trilogy 'Hangover'. According to People Magazine 2011, Bradley Cooper was that year’s 'sexiest man alive' and transformed this into one of the most popular hairstyles for men over 40.

How to create the 'Cooper Hairstyle' (above):

  1. Distribute a walnut-sized dollop of styling mousse in the towel-dried hair.
  2. Use a wide-toothed comb to style the hair back and blow-dry your hair.
  3. Distribute a pea-sized amount of powder wax between your fingers. Then stroke your hair back using your fingers to create the desired undone style. 

Bradley Cooper Hairstyles in a Photo Series

Bradley Cooper looks charming whether he wears his hair spiky (right) or razor-cut in military style (left)

Bradley Cooper and his ideal haircuts for men over 40 have looked good on many a red carpet. The short hair leaves the main focus on the brilliant blue eyes of the American-born actor with Irish ancestry.

In the 2012 movie 'The Words', Bradley Cooper wears boldly styled spiky hair (left) while playing a writer and word thief.

Combined with the moustache, the overall impression is sassy and slightly frivolous.

For a contrasting image, Bradley Cooper sported a razor-cut military hairstyle (on the left) in the 2013 movie 'American Hustle'.

Meanwhile, his moustache had turned into less defined designer stubbles.

It is the actor’s job to slip into the styles of movie characters. While on the promotional tour for the successful comedy 'Hangover 3', Bradley Cooper flipped his now longer hair to the side for a promotional event (on the left) and elegantly slicked it back for the evening (right photo). The designer stubbles emphasise the strong manly image.

Left: Bradley Cooper flips his medium-length hair to the side or uses gel to slick it back