Model with a sleek hairstyle
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The Best Sleek Hairstyles

A sleek hairstyle is a red carpet classic and is comprised primarily of a smooth and glossy finish to hair. Sleek looks can be achieved with or without bangs, a side or middle parting, and look great on both long and short hair. The sleek hair look is all about smooth lines and high shine. Consequently, excellent hair care is the key to wearing any sleek hairstyle as the result should display and amplify your shine. Read on to hear about some of our favorite sleek haircuts and tips for how to keep them looking great.

Different kinds of sleek hairstyles

Short sleek hairstyle

Glossy hair will shine brightly.

Sleek hairstyles can come in all different shapes and sizes. The look is most often associated with more formal occasions and show-stealing sleek updos, but it can also be made to create more casual sleek ponytail styles and waves. With the right tools and techniques, pretty much any hairstyle can be given this gorgeous glossy finish.

Short sleek hairstyles

When you think of the ultimate sleek look, you might well immediately think of slick, short hair. Short sleek hairstyles use their cropped length to maximum effect: worn as a pixie cut, they draw attention to the face and highlight features in a beautiful and head-turning way. Emma Watson has worn this look to incredible effect on the red carpet, rocking both micro and side-swept bangs to complete the sleek effect.

Alternatively, the slicked back look is a great and easy sleek hairstyle for short hair: simply brush the hair directly back from the face and use göt2b glued styling gel combed through to secure in place.

Long sleek hairstyles

Great sleek hairstyle

Sleek hairstyles give a beautiful finish.

Long hair is an amazing base onto which you can create some seriously head-turning sleek hairstyles. The key to this look is to have the hair in immaculate condition, freshly cut and styled to perfection. For us, the ultimate sleek hairstyle for long hair is with a blunt cut and a smooth, straight finish. Worn with a center parting, this look oozes sophistication and sensuality.

Creating a sleek straight hairstyle for long hair

To achieve the ultimate shine and glossy finish that characterizes a sleek look, you will want to make sure you thoroughly shampoo your hair to remove all oil and dirt residue. Use conditioner liberally, leaving it in for a few minutes so as to penetrate deeply while you detangle your hair. After showering, leave your hair to air dry. Finish the drying process with a cool blast from your hair dryer while brushing the strands from root to tip with a paddle brush.

To achieve the best finish for your sleek straight hairstyle, whether you have straight hair or curly, it is recommended you use a flat iron. Apply a heat protectant over all of your hair and divide it into sections. Starting from the bottom, slowly work your way across the hair, straightening inch wide pieces of hair at a time. Once complete, gently comb your hair again to make sure it is lying smoothly against the head. For a glossy finish, spray a small amount of GLISS Oil Nutritive into your palms, rub together and smooth over your hair. This will help strengthen the hairs and fight frizz, locking in the effect of your sleek hairstyle over a longer period.