Model with a layered haistyle
Hair Styling | Layered Hairstyle

Gorgeous Layered Haircuts For You

Your hair may be curly or straight, short or long, thick or fine, but that’s no matter when it comes to layered haircuts. This trendy style is flattering on almost everyone and can be adapted to suit just about any cut you like. Amp up the volume and some movement to your hair; layers can give life to hair that is starting to feel dull. Read on to discover the latest layered hairstyle trends complete with our top styling tips.

Long and short layered haircuts

Woman with layered hair

The shag is one of the best layered haircuts.

Do you want to add some structure to your hairdo and bring it right in line with current trends? If so, then a layered haircut might just be the right choice for you. Layers can be cut into a number of different looks in order to bring out new characteristics without changing the overall style. For instance, layered hair can be cut to look feathery and light or the different layers can be made heavily stepped and integrated into a pixie style. These short layered haircuts are easy to maintain and simply require a trim every 6-8 weeks.


Medium layered hairstyles include the shag haircut and choppy styles. Meanwhile, long layered hairstyles usually incorporate the classic U and V-shaped layers that can help give particularly long hair a beautiful shape at the back and prevent split ends from developing.


Boosting volume with layered haircuts

Do you have particularly thin or fine strands that you want to add some serious hair volume to? Not only do layered hairstyles let hair bounce up and appear less flat and more voluminous, but they also make it much easier to use certain styling techniques and products to amplify the effect.

Using special volumizing products such as the göt2b Volumaniac bodifying mousse will help you to generate the desired levels of bounce and body throughout the hair. Note: it’s important to remember to towel-dry hair to remove excess water before styling.

If you have layered hair you should use a diffuser for a blowout effect. While blow-drying your hair, pull a round brush through your hair from the roots to the hair ends to create even more of the essential volume and bounce.

Caring for your layered hairstyle

Woman with long layered hairstyle

Caring for long layered hairstyles is important.

Proper hair care is particularly important for layered haircuts, which only look their best with healthy, shiny hair and intact hair ends. After all, the cleanly cut hair ends are what define this hairstyle. Get your hair regularly trimmed and ask your stylist to remove all split ends and other areas of weakened hair if there is extensive damage. Aside from salon visits, use specialty shampoos, rinses, and leave-in treatments to ensure long-lasting shine and moisture lock-in. These will help keep your hair happy, healthy and strong.

Styling layered hair

Layered haircuts rely heavily on their defined steps and accentuated hair ends to deliver a polished look. To achieve and exaggerate the effect, using something like göt2b’s mess-merizing putty is indispensable. This lightweight product will help you define the hair layers without weighing down or gumming up your hair. As a bonus, it will also intensify your hair’s shine. Simply rub a small amount between your fingers and twirl the ends of your layers.