Model wearing day of the dead makeup
Hair Styling | Halloween Hairstyles

Iconic Halloween Hairstyles for a Bold Look

Halloween is all about transformation—playing with grand hair and makeup that feels nothing like your everyday look! Half the fun of this day is getting ready, and any good costume deserves amazing Halloween hair to bring it fully to life. This October 31st, take a cue from these truly striking hairstyles from the past and turn yourself into a bombshell. We’ve pulled together three classic costume ideas inspired by styles from the 1920s, 1950s, and 1960s. Believe us, these simple Halloween hair ideas will make getting ready for the party the least scary part of your night!

Halloween hairstyle idea: The flapper

Nothing says glamour like a 1920s flapper, and Great Gatsby-esque finger waves are the perfect Halloween hairstyle to complete this look. Start by parting your hair in line with the arch in your left eyebrow and separating your hair into three sections: the front, the crown (which you can pin up into a bun and clip), and the bottom (which you'll need to put into two pigtails).

To get the perfect Halloween hair curls, use a wide barrel curling iron and curl the front section in inch-wide sections around your hairline, pinning each curl until it cools. Tease the bottom pigtails with your hands, one at a time, to create volume for the crown section of your hair to be layered over. Pull the teased pigtails together and secure them with bobby pins. Let your curls down and gently brush them out using a boar bristle brush, stopping when you get the desired waves that perfectly frame your face.

Next, pin up any loose hanging tendrils. Gather and pin the hair from the front section, tucking it up under itself and bobby pinning it to give you a faux bob look all the way around. Use göt2b® Glam Force® hairspray to keep everything in place. To complete the full flapper look and get Halloween hair to remember, add a sparkly headband or feather and you’re done!

Halloween hair: The pin-up girl

Red-haired woman with red bandana and sunglasses

It's amazing how a simple scarf can create such a stunning look

The pin-up girl is a 1950s icon and a really fun role to play – not to mention one costume that will give you a cute Halloween hairstyle! Start by prepping your hair with göt2b® Volumaniac™ bodifying mousse, then pull the front section of your hair into a slight quiff and twist and secure with a bobby pin. Brush the remaining hair smooth and gather into a ponytail. Backcomb the underside interior of your hair and roll the ends under and in an upward motion to create a bun. Pin hair at the base of the bun and along the sides as needed. Finish with more hairspray and tie a scarf around your head to complete the rockabilly hairstyle.

Halloween hairdo: The Hippie

Hippie with headband and sunglasses

Braids and flowers are all that's needed for a trendy hippie look

The bohemian women of the 1960s have inspired generation after generation with their effortless style and beauty. Now, they can even inspire your costume and Halloween hairstyle. Channel your inner peace-loving goddess and go as a hippie! Spray your clean, damp hair liberally with göt2b® mess-merizing® hairspray and let it air-dry. Once it’s dried into the perfect messy, care-free texture, grab random one-inch sections of hair, and braid them tightly for tiny braids that blend into the rest of your hair. Top your hairdo with a gorgeous flower crown or headband and voila, you’re a flower child.

Take inspiration from the past and design your costume around one of the most iconic looks in history for a perfect Halloween hair idea. This October 31st, use Schwarzkopf products and the right accessories and you’ll be looking boo-tiful in no time!