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Transitional Hair: The Long and Short of it

Sooner or later there will be the day when the always identical short haircut seems boring. You may feel the desire to reach into long hair or find assembling your wardrobe somewhat tedious. Choosing outfit and make-up to match the short haircut without creating an excessively boyish image takes additional effort and you may yearn for a more feminine hair style. Stay with us for some practical ideas for the transition

Hair grows about 1.5 centimetres (close to 0.6//) per month. If you have set your heart on growing your hair to shoulder-length you must also sign up for 20 months of patience. You also need a hair stylist who can keep you motivated with a clever cut. Also necessary is a change in mind-set as far as hair care is concerned.

The Proper Haircut

In case you start out with a boy cut with slightly longer covering hair and short bevelled back, you should make sure that your back hair is always adapted to the length of the front hair. Otherwise, you may wind up with the mullet look.

Pixie haircuts are a good starting point when you intend to grow your hair longer. Thanks to the stepped haircut, the transitional stages tend to look casual but acceptable at any length.

If you want your short bob haircut grow into a longer hair style then you should be sure to thin out the ends of your hair from time to time. This reduces the poufy appearance at ear level. The ends of thin hair should however be thinned out only slightly and with some caution.

The Proper Care

Very short hair needs little care. Once your hair starts growing longer it will need some more care. Starting at ear level, especially the ends of longer hair will respond well to a rinse after each shampooing. As soon as you notice split ends you should sacrifice up to about half an inch of your hair and treat the hair with split end tonic after every third shampooing.

TIP: Many stars use hair extensions to create fuller or longer hair. Meanwhile, commercially available hair strands with attached clip can be conveniently fastened in the hair.