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Effortlessly Chic Top Knot Styles

The top knot is the go-to option for busy people who don’t have time to style their hair. Worn sleek or scruffy, this look can hide or highlight your features depending on how you wear it. What’s more, perched high up on your head you can add all kinds of different elements, such as braids, headbands, silk scarves or bright scrunchies.

Lazy girl top knot hair

Great top knot for you

Trendy top knots are perfect for day styling

The top knot has become every girl’s best friend when it comes to quick, no-fuss hair styling. As easy to do and suitable for curly hair as for straight, a top knot bun is the adaptable look we all need for those lazy days. One of the key appeals to this look is how adaptable it is: no matter your current haircut, you can wear it with curtain bangs or slicked back for a cleaner look. Here we take a look at five of the best ways to wear a top knot for any occasion

Summer days: the top knot headband

Few things scream sunny days spent outside more than a sundress, sandals and your hair pulled back with a pretty top knot headband. Bright silk scarves make for eye-catching accessories and have the added benefit of letting you choose exactly how you want to tie them. Opt for a bow just above one ear, a central twist or a statement knot on top of your head. Heading out for the night? Get inspired by 50s hairstyles and add some glamour curls to transform your look.

Casual cool: The braided top knot

Braided top knot

Include braids with your top knot for a runway look

As anyone with thick or unruly hair will know, when there isn’t enough time in the morning to coax your hair back into a normal-looking condition, then braids are the way to go. A neat way of ensuring your hair is all tied up in one place and can’t get any more knotted than it may already be, a braid is both an all-in-one answer and a gold mine of different options. One of our favorite top knots with braids is the reverse braid bun: reverse plait your hair in the French style from your neck up to the top of your head and then loop the braid down into a top knot bun. Finish with a ribbon for flair.

Messy Monday mornings: The scruffy top knot bun

You overslept, you can’t find any clean socks and you are most definitely having a bad hair day. We’ve all been there! The scruffy top knot was made for mornings like this: instant, easy, and perfectly channeling the undone look. Scraping all the hair back and twirling it into a slouchy bun, you then have the option to add a few face-framing tendrils to soften the look.

Short hair don’t care: The half-up top knot

Half up top knot

A half-up top knot is perfect for rushed mornings

Ladies with short hair fear not, there are plenty of ways you too can enjoy the hassle-free welcome of this style. There are two main ways to go about creating a top knot for short hair: either opt for a double bun effect, creating two small top knots on either side of your head, or adapt the look as a half-up half-down hairstyle. To go for this option, separate the hair on the crown of your head and use this to form a top knot bun on top of your head. Depending on the length of your hair, you can make this as tight or messy as you like.   

Big night out: The high impact top knot

The top knot doesn’t only have to be a low-maintenance daytime styling option, as it can also be sculpted into something that is pretty, feminine, and high impact for going out in the evening. To achieve this look follow these easy steps:


  • Add sea spray or dry shampoo to the hair to give it some texture.
  • Brush your hair thoroughly to free it from all knots and distribute the spray evenly.
  • Pull your hair back into a high ponytail, flattening the sides as you do so it lies smoothly against your head.
  • With the ponytail fixed with a small hair tie, wind your hair around it with the amount of fullness you desire. Fix with a few bobby pins secured discreetly at the base.
  • Finish with a spritz of high gloss and hold göt2b Glam Force Hairspray.