Model with short hairstyle wearing a hair net
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Hairnets: An Important Hair Accessory

It’s not only prima ballerinas that are wearing hairnets nowadays. From the runway and the red carpet to the streets of the hottest cities, hairnets are making a comeback. Not just a practical way to make sure your ‘do stays put, hairnets are great statement pieces that any fashionista should have in their accessories drawer. We’ll go over how to wear a hairnet, so you can take advantage of this latest trend.


Let’s start with the basics. Hairnets are stretchy mesh nets usually used to keep hair in place. They can vary in thickness and in color, and some have elastic surrounding them, while others do not. While they can be used for plenty of purposes, one of the most useful is when they’re used in combination with updo styles.


How to pick the right hairnet

For classic looks, it’s best for the hairnet to match your hair color as closely as possible. If you’re looking to make a hairnet fashion statement, however, choose one that starkly contrasts with your hair color for a more striking look!

Styling updos with a classic hairnet

Woman with black hairnet

So many ways to work a hairnet

Classic hairnets are usually quite thin, have an elastic band, and are great accessories to have on hand, especially when you’re planning on wearing an updo for a longer period of time – even for multiple days. Fix your hair into a glamourous chignon hairstyle, spray with hairspray, and carefully wrap a hairnet over the chignon to keep it in place, securing with bobby pins as you go along.


Another great way to use a hairnet is by using it during (not after) you create the updo look you want. Simply style your hair into a classic ponytail hairstyle. Gather the ponytail in the hairnet, pinning any excess hairnet to the elastic holding your ponytail. Then, twist it into a romantic bun. You’ll notice that you’ll be able to make plenty of other cool shapes with your ponytail secured in the hairnet. Feel free to experiment! When you’ve found the updo shape you want, simply pin your hair in place and finish with hairspray.

'40s-inspired hairnets


Accessorize your hairnet for a more personal touch

Thicker crocheted hairnets, or snoods, are great for when you’re rushing out of the house. All you need is to do is to place one end on the crown of your head and tuck the rest of your hair into the net, using bobby pins to secure it in place. While this will make for a great ‘40s-inspired vintage look, it’s also easy to pin further accessories like gems or flowers to the hairnet to give it that personal touch!