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Give Your Hair a Boost with a Modern Bouffant

The ‘60s was all about big hair. The more volume, the more hairspray, and the higher the hair, the better. Although today’s styles tend to be toned down in comparison, one iconic hairstyle from that era—the bouffant—is back! Bouffant hair is incredibly easy to pull off and, with a bit of practice, easy to do. We’ll go over this vintage look with a step-by-step guide. With a few tools and a bit of product, you’ll be able to master the bouffant hairstyle in no time.

Blonde woman with bouffant hair

It's easier than it looks! Just follow the six simple steps

The bouffant hairstyle is back with a modern twist that plays up the sophistication of this vintage style but adds an air of elegance to boot. To get this look right, you’ll need to practice two basic techniques: blowing out your hair, and teasing it. Once you have those down, you’ll be able to master the perfect bouffant technique very quickly. With the right Schwarzkopf products, your hair is sure to reach new heights. Have fun with the bouffant by experimenting with leaving your hair up or down, or adding fun accessories to finish it off. We’ve put together a step-by-step beginner’s guide to help get you started on mastering this classic and iconic hairstyle from the '60s.

Step-by-step guide for an instant bouffant

Woman with long, wet hair

This style works best if you start off with damp hair


Step 1: Start off with wet hair. Apply bodifying mousse and distribute evenly through your hair using your fingers.



Woman blow-drying her hair and leaving the brushes stuck in

Round brushes give the best effect and the metal helps to cool your hair down

Step 2: Get blowout hair by blow drying using medium-sized round brushes. Wrap your hair completely around the brushes and keep them in your hair to let the hair cool down.

Woman with colorful velcro rollers in hair

Don't forget to fix the rollers in place

Step 3: Hold the ends of your hair and begin to roll them around velcro rollers. Work your way towards the roots.

Woman using brush to backcomb her hair

Backcombing the hair creates more volume

Step 4: Take out the velcro rollers and gently tease (or backcomb) several hair sections starting at the roots to create volume in the crown area and on the sides of your head. To add texture use styling powder.

Woman brushing her hair to smooth down the sides

Brush after using hairspray to smooth the hair

Step 5: Pull your hair to the back and smooth out the sides with a brush to create a voluminous crown area.

Using bobby pins, pull sides of hair back and clip in the back. Secure the look with hairspray when you're done.

Woman adding bobby pins to hair

Bobby pins work wonders

Step 6: For a more vintage-inspired look, add accessories like bows or ribbons for a final touch.