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Pigtails – Trendy and Practical

Together with scrunchies, space buns and zigzag hair parts, one more hairstyle, which most of us know from our childhoods, deserves special attention: pigtails. Here, we’re talking about a super simple hairstyle with a maximum wow factor. The two tied-up sections of hair are styled in a flash and are just as at home in the gym as they are at brunch with your friends. We’ll show you the different ways to style hair pigtails, so you can even wear them to the office.


How to style pigtails easily

Portrait of a young woman with shoulder-length, dark ombre hair styled into pigtails.
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Pigtails - so versatile and suit all hair types

The classic pigtails hairstyle describes hair that’s been divided into two sections and tied with hair ties. The hairstyle is super easy to style and is suitable for all hair types, as long as it’s at least about shoulder-length. It’s also a really practical way to keep your hair out of your face. Add a personal touch by using different accessories like scrunchies, hair bands, and barrettes. We’ll show you how!


  1. Thoroughly brush your hair.
  2. Part your hair in the middle, dividing it into two sections.
  3. Using hair elastics, tie each section at the desired height. Classic ponytails are tied rather high on the head.
  4. Small hairs on the back of your neck can be secured to the back of your head using bobby pins.
  5. Secure the style with hairspray – the göt2b® Mess-Merizing® texturizing hairspray is a good option for everyday use.


Now that you have the basics of the classic pigtails hairstyle covered, you can add a personal touch. Add some 90s flair by using scrunchies. Or you can rather opt for clipping elegant barrettes decorated with pearls at your temples.

A more modest look with braided low pigtails

A blonde girl with braided pigtails styling the hair of a girl with brown hair.
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Braid your pigtails for a different look

The classic high pigtails aren’t for every occasion. Those that don’t want to miss out on this trend can opt for the more modest version. Low pigtails – as the name suggests – are secured low, near the nape of the neck and can be worn to the office as long as your job doesn’t have a strict dress code. Those with a long bob, or lob, can also easily style their hair into low pigtails. Another variation on this look is to braid your pigtails. Here’s how to do it:


  1. Brush your hair thoroughly and part it in the middle, dividing it into two sections.
  2. Make two braids by dividing each section into three equal parts, alternating the crossing of the outer sections over the middle section.
  3. Secure the end of each braid with a thin hair elastic.
  4. For a sleek look, make each braid tight.
  5. For a messier look, loosen the braids somewhat.
  6. Finish with a hairspray like the göt2b® Glam Force® hairspray for a hold that lasts all day.
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