From floral wreaths to crown braids – here’s the most beautiful Oktoberfest hairstyles.
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Oktoberfest Hairstyles: All The Best Styling Ideas

What are the latest trends when it comes to hairstyles for Oktoberfest? Traditional, modern, cool and classy! We put you in the best Oktoberfest mood: with all the latest do-it-yourself hairstyles for the dirndl and lederhosen – everything from the floral crown braid to the glamorous Gretel braid.

Whether you like dancing on the ale-benches, going on wild rides or savoring cotton candy, gingerbread hearts and toasted almonds – Oktoberfest is twice as much fun with a stylish outfit. In addition to fetching dirndl dresses and cool lederhosen, one naturally needs the right Oktoberfest hair to complete the look. We have selected the best hairstyle for every Wiesn type, so you can choose the one that matches your folk festival persona.

Mermaid Braid for Trendsetters

Woman with long braided Oktoberfest hairstyle

Woman with long braided Oktoberfest hairstyle

'See and be seen' is her Wiesn motto – this trendsetter has the entire dirndl collection at home and a different traditional costume in her wardrobe for almost every day – matching accessories included of course! A simple french braid would quickly get lost in her sensational Oktoberfest outfits. That is why this fashion-conscious festival-goer styles her hair in a truly eye-catching mermaid braid. The exuberant look combines traditional and trendy to perfection. While it appears reminiscent of a classic braid hairstyle at first glance, it reveals its full Wiesn potential upon closer examination. The secret lies in the elaborate undone look created by the loosely intertwined strands of hair. This casual messy chic qualifies the mermaid braid as a relaxed yet fun Oktoberfest hairstyle.

Flower Hair Clips for the Punk Princess

Tradition? No way! The punk princess shapes the Wiesn world to her liking. This includes a reinterpretation of traditional fashion with numerous styling contrasts. Combinations like a detailed dirndl with a rocking leather jacket, for instance, are entirely to her taste. So she doesn’t even attempt to tame her wild curls with a classic hairstyle. Quite the contrary: she counts on romantic curls highlighted by delicate, partly sparkling flower clips to create the perfect Oktoberfest hair. A striking eye liner framing the entire eye completes the wow effect.

Pinned Up for the Sociable One

She knows all the Wiesn hits by heart and is always the first to stand on the ale-bench. The sociable one is welcome in any tent – and not just thanks to her sunny disposition. Her look also attracts plenty of followers. Her Oktoberfest hairstyle of choice is an updo that looks wonderful with a classy dirndl and jacket. The hair is not simply tied in a knot, but elaborately twisted at the back of the neck. This creates a modern hairdo that also works extremely well as an evening style for the after-Wiesn party. Pretty, traditional hats go very well with this hairstyle and fit perfectly since the knot sits low at the back of the neck.

Boxer Braids for the Adventuress

Boxer braids make for excellent Oktoberfest hair

Boxer braids give any look high impact

Higher, faster, farther! The adventuress is always searching for the next kick. She loves the shooting gallery, merry-go-round and all the other rides. Since she needs her hair to stay in place, she styles her mane with boxer braids. Braided strictly across the head, they are not just highly popular but also ideal as an Oktoberfest hairstyle. To keep the “Million Dollar Baby” look from being too reminiscent of fighting sports, the double braid for the dirndl fashion is refined with small hair pearls.

Ponytail for the Connoisseur

Cotton candy, toasted almonds, candied apples – for the connoisseur, all these sweet goodies are just as much part of the folk festival as pints of beer. Amusing yourself is an Oktoberfest imperative. Cosy and uncomplicated is good. Yet the connoisseur does not settle for simplicity when it comes to her Oktoberfest hairstyle. She adds a twist to the ponytail: the hair is gathered at the back of the neck, leaving out a wide strand on either side. These strands are then wrapped alternately around the ponytail and secured with bobby pins. Finally the hairstyle is refined with a delicate ribbon.