Women enjoying image transformation with new hairstyles
Hair Styling | Hairstyle Trends for Women

Reinvent Yourself: Latest Hairstyles for Women

While routines have many positive aspects, getting stuck in a rut is a different matter entirely. Go ahead, be adventurous and surprise yourself with an entirely new look! It is a lot of fun to break the hairstyle routine and try alternatives and find out what suits you the most. No matter your age, face shape, or hair length, there are hairstyles to suit everyone.

Take the plunge

By definition, experiments are a way of trying something new without having any idea of how it’s going to turn out. This may seem daunting, but you’ll feel all the better for it. What if your latest hairstyle looks amazing on you? You’ll wonder why you didn’t try experimenting sooner!


There must have been a time where you saw a celebrity with the latest hairstyle trend and thought: “I wonder how that would look on me?”. Well there’s no time like the present! Even if you aren’t satisfied with the results, you’re a step further towards knowing which hairstyle trends suit you and which don’t. And remember: hair grows. In short, you can't lose.

Inspiration for the Latest Hairstyles

These are the hottest hair trends at the moment:


Pixie cuts: Probably the most daring of the latest hairstyles, depending on how long your hair is in the first place. Pixie cuts can be styled in lots of different ways. What about a deep side part surrounded by choppy layers? Or how about a slicked back look to keep your hair out of your face? göt2b® Ultra Glued® is all you need to pull off this sleek manageable look. If you’re feeling extra brave, why not go for a near buzz cut? A blonde buzz cut on a darker skin tone stands out perfectly.


Bangs: Having a bangs cut can alter your appearance like crazy! If bangs go well with your latest hairstyle then what are you waiting for? Make sure they stay in place with göt2b® Mess-merizing® texturing hairspray. Blunt bangs, choppy bangs, parted bangs, side-swept bangs, asymmetrical bangs; research first to see which new hair trend looks best with your face shape.


Shag haircut: This 70s-inspired hair trend is still going strong! The aim of this latest hairstyle is for it to be messy! So probably not the best choice for perfectionists! Asymmetrical layers frame the face and the rest of the hair is left naturally wavy or super curly, depending on which variation of the shag haircut you favor. This trendy style works just as well with and without bangs.


Tricks without the chop: Not a fan of actually cutting your hair? No problem! There are lots of things you can do to trick others into thinking you’ve just come back from a successful salon visit. If your locks are naturally curly, why not learn how to straighten hair for a totally new look? Something as simple as this can make you look like a completely different person.


How about a braid hairstyle for a look that’s practical and versatile? With so many different braid styles to choose from, including fishtail braids, French braids, Dutch braids and 4 strand braids, you’re spoilt for choice with this trendy hairstyle for women.