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Headwear Trends for Fall

A great hat can take an otherwise basic outfit to the next level. It can be that one accessory that sets you apart, whether you’re at a formal event or running errands. Not to mention it’s the accessory for the chilly days of fall. From berets, to fedoras and knit caps, celebrity hair stylist Richard Collins gives us the low-down on how to properly rock a hat this fall.



The beret is the new cool girl hat, according to Collins. It’s totally chic, makes the ultimate style statement and was all over the fall 2015 runways. The beret is also versatile, and can be worn a few different ways. Try tucking in the brim of the beret and tilting it to one side, pulling it low over your forehead. Then throw in a low side bun or braid on the non-tilted side of the beret and finish with göt2b Glam Force hairspray. You can also try untucking the brim of the beret and allowing a little air into it, before placing it on the top of your head and pulling it over your ears and tilted to one side. This style looks best worn with straightened hair, so be sure to blow dry your hair straight using a heat protectant. Finally, try setting the beret on the back off your head so the front of your hair is exposed. Secure the rest of the hair at the back of your head and tuck it under the beret.


Hats bring a cool vibe to any outfit, but Collins says the fedora is classic cool. Anytime you want to look chic without looking like you tried too hard, Collins suggests throwing on a fedora. Not only does the fedora serve a functional purpose on those not-so-great hair days, but it also keeps you warm through the chilly fall months when it’s made of a cozy fabric like wool or felt. Keep your hairstyle in mind though. Since this type of hat has such a masculine edge, he says you want to maintain your femininity through your hair. If you want a laid back look, wear your hair down and straight or with a little natural wave. This is a great second day hair option, say Collins. Just spritz your head liberally with göt2b Fresh It Up Floral Touch dry shampoo, work it in to the roots and throw on your fedora. The softness of your hair with the harsh angles of the hat make a great pairing. For a sexier look, a low ponytail or bun under the fedora puts the focus on your face and creates a very sultry look.


The effortlessly chic beanie is your saving grace against the chill of fall and the perfect way to give your look a little extra edge. Whether you go for a fitted style, extra slouch, one pom pom or two, Collins says the trick to looking your coolest is figuring out how to make the beanie work with your hair. If you have longer hair, a simple way to rock your beanie is to sweep it all to one side under the hat. This can be done easily with short hair too by using hairspray and bobby pins to keep everything in place. For a slightly undone finish, Collins says shake up your strands, using göt2b Volumaniac bodifying mousse to build volume, and slip on your beanie.

Just because you’re wearing a hat doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing hairstyle underneath. There are more than a handful of options when it comes to the perfect ‘do under your beret, fedora or beanie. So when you try out one of the season’s hottest headwear trends, make sure you have our insider guide on hand and plenty of your favorite Schwarzkopf products.