Woman wearing leopard print blouse
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Hair to Match Your Animal Prints

Are you wearing the camouflage of tigers, leopards or other wild animals? If so, join our safari into the world of hairstyles with the allure of the wild. Animal skin prints attract attention whether they cover your entire outfit or just an accent piece or accessory. We show you how your hairstyle can reflect and enhance your choice of big cat coat pattern.

The camouflage of big cats in wild grasslands has the opposite effect in the streets and at home. In fashion, the beauty of the leopard skin is the all-important consideration. The patterns certainly catch the eye and feed the imagination. The spots or stripes of big cats have inspired fashion designers for a long time, and it seems that the textile patterns are here to stay. If you like the leopard pattern it is time to go on the prowl – for a suitable hairstyle that is.

Right away, undone hairstyles come to mind (see the photo above). We picked up the trail to find safari-type hairstyles. A styling tutorial is included at the end of this page.

Leopard Print Outfit and Ponytail

In the newest collection, fashion house Balmain offers select leopard print details rather than complete leopard print outfits. The leopard skin details in the otherwise black outfit create an exciting yet elegant impression.

Hairstyle: The middle parting and sleek ponytail allude to the elegance of the big cats.

Leopard Print Dress and Hair Accessory

This model shows a design of the Blugirl collection. The elfin, easily flowing dress consists mainly of leopard print fabric. Designer Anna Molinari used light silky fabrics for her airy creation.

Hairstyle: The undone hairstyle fits the informal cut of the dress. The flower crown on the model’s head enhances the elfin lightness of this creation.

Leopard Print Detail and Messy Updo

Marc Cain uses the leopard print sparingly but with great effect. Only the top of a leopard print blouse peaks out from underneath a light beige pullover with loose-fit collar.

Hairstyle: Messy hair contrasts with the sleek elegance of leopard skin. The messy styling is suitable for safaris and wildlife excursions.

Leopard Print and Hair Draped across the Forehead

Playfully deconstructed leopard skin designs exist in many colours and in combinations with other patterns. Marc Cain combines the sweater with deconstructed, enlarged leopard pattern in soothing grey-green shades with flower-print slacks.

Hairstyle: The plain hairstyle with the front hair draped across the forehead forms an interesting contrast with the eye-catching patterns and colours of the outfit.

Leopard Print and Two-Tone Hair

Gucci fashions also embrace leopard prints. Creative versions of the leopard skin design show up mainly on coats, jackets, and blazers. Here, the model for Gucci wears a black turtleneck underneath the leopard-design jacket.

Hairstyle: Two-tone hair carries the leopard skin colouring to the hair colour for an especially elegant combination.