Model with her hair down up in a beehive hairstyle
Hair Styling | Hairstyle Trends for Women

Time to Celebrate Hair Appreciation Day!

On 30 April each year, come celebrate National Hair Appreciation Day! This is a day to acknowledge all the wonderful hairstyles from over the years, as well as newer, trendier hairdos and, of course, all the amazing hairstylists who make the magic happen! There are always so many great hairstyles to appreciate every year, so we’ve gotten the low-down on the top styles in vogue right now. Here’s how to achieve some of the hottest looks using simple hair care products and easy techniques.


Trend guide: Long ponytails

Brunette woman with long ponytail

If your hair isn't as long as hers, you can fake it with two ponytails on top of each other

Super long ponytail hairstyles are effortless, yet chic, and are the statement style of the season. Longer ponytails have been all over the runways of late. This style works best on medium to long wavy hair, but if you don’t have naturally wavy hair, you can still obtain it by applying a tousle spray to dry hair before you start. The trick to getting a super long ponytail is actually by making two: one on top of the other.

Start by gathering half of your hair on top of your head, as if you were going to wear your hair half-up. Secure the hair on top of your head using an elastic band. Take the rest of your hair and form the second ponytail closer to the bottom of your head. Secure this with a smaller elastic band, as you want this ponytail to lie as flat against your head as possible. Arrange the hair on your top ponytail around so that it covers your bottom ponytail, and finish with a texturizing hairspray to give it volume.

Trend guide: All about the bun style

Brunette woman with big donut bun

Buns work when neatly styled or when messy so you can't lose!

It seems that every season has a version of the bun, and right now, it’s all about volume when it comes to bun hairstyles. We think the bigger the bun, the better! This style works best on hair that has been washed and conditioned the day before (called second-day hair) and a good idea would be to use a bun maker pack if you struggle to get it just right (available in most beauty stores and online).

Start by spraying your hair with a dry shampoo and brush it through. Next, put your hair in a ponytail, high on your head. Slide your bun maker to the top of your ponytail and swirl your hair around it. Secure your hair in place with bobby pins and set your bun for all-day hold with a firm hairspray.

Trend guide: Big curls

Brunette woman with bouncy curls

Curls: the bouncier, the better!

Big, sleek blowouts and bouncy curls are everything right now and you don’t need a visit to the salon to get the look on Hair Appreciation Day! It’s best not to let a blow dryer near your hair without first misting on a heat protection spray, as this will help keep your hair from getting damaged. Once you’re heat protected, rough dry your hair by using your fingers to tousle small sections while blasting a blow-dryer around your scalp and strands.

Once most of the moisture has been removed, apply a mousse of your choice generously throughout your hair. Then, using a large boar bristle brush, blow dry your roots away from the scalp with your head upside down, as this will create a ton of volume. Working in two-inch sections, wrap each one tightly around your brush as you pull it through your hair and follow with the nozzle. Be sure the blow dryer is always pointing down the hair shaft, and that it’s at least three inches away from your hair. That way you’ll smooth the cuticle and add shine without frying your hair.

Get up to date with these trends on Hair Appreciation Day

Celebrating Hair Appreciation Day on April 30th wouldn’t be complete without properly knowing a quick rundown of all the latest trending hairstyles that you’ll soon be seeing in the streets and runways across the world.


  • Blunt bobs – The revival of the 70s look is already becoming a favorite of celebs, who are loving the sharper, blunter finish of a hairstyle that can be adjusted to suit basically all face shapes. The length of a blunt bob, which sits roughly between your neck and ears, is said to help thin hair appear thicker if styled correctly.
  • Gray hair – We’re at a time where it’s no longer necessary to cover up gray hair, but instead embrace it! Some younger people are even dyeing their hair silver to catch up with the trend, but if you’re already rocking a gray hairstyle, then you’re ahead of the curve.


  • Accessories – Using hair accessories like colorful and decorative scarves, hair clips, ribbons and bows is rapidly becoming a simple way to switch up your style. Especially in the hotter months, wearing your hair up and using accessories to pack a punch is not just for festivals, but for nighttime events in the city, too.