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Crimped Hair For That Trendy Throwback Look

Want to style your hair in a way that is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd? If so, then hair crimping might just be what you need. Composed of tiny zigzag patterns repeated across the hair length, crimping is a cousin of tight curls but with extra gloss and added wow factor. Be unique and let your crimped hair shine.

Hair crimping that gives you an edge

Crimped hair that looks great

Get tight crimped curls

Back in the 80s, crimped hair came to the fore as part of the ‘bigger is better’ trend that encompassed clothes, nails, hair and just about everything else. Adding a whole other level of volume, crimping ensured that every strand stood out and added a cool new texture to your look. Edgy, daring and bursting with life, stars like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were some of the first to grab their hair crimping irons and get styling.


Hair crimping in the 90s continued to be a big deal, but became more associated with feminine and girlish looks as it was paired with hair highlights and accessories. Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Drew Barrymore as well as many more all relied on the crimped look heavily throughout the decade, making it one of the most memorable 90s hairstyles.  

Who do crimped hairstyles suit?

Add crimped styles into your hair

Adding crimped hair strands to your ponytail gives a texture look

Hair crimping can be done to almost all types and lengths of hair, making it one of the easiest and most versatile styles there is for anyone looking to make a big change quickly. When crimping your hair, you can generally decide what size you want the waves to form: from large exaggerated Z shapes, to smaller tight kinks. The smaller the wave, the more control you will have over the hair at the end, so if you want to incorporate it into a braid hairstyle or tie it up then opt for something smaller.


For everyone out there with fine hair, crimping can be a great wait to supplement extra volume to your hair without having to add mountains of product. Opt for a more natural wave style and use the hair crimping tool evenly across your whole head.

How to get crimped hair

Depending on the kind of hair you have naturally, a crimped effect may be easier or harder to achieve. The most reliable and controlled way to crimp your hair is with a specially designed hair crimping iron, which will typically let you adjust the wave shape you want to put in.


Alternatively, it is possible to get crimped hair from braids. Follow these steps:


  1. Wash your hair as normal and work a small amount of smoothing lotion through it as it dries to help minimize frizz.
  2. Separate your hair into sections. The number of sections will differ depending upon the thickness of your hair: the aim is to have enough hair in each area to create moderately thick braids; about half an inch thick.
  3. Brush your hair so it's tangle-free and smooth. Then begin braiding.


At this point, people with naturally curly hair may be able to simply let the braids do the rest of the work for them. For best crimping results, you should simply put on a silk nightcap or similar and leave the braids in for 8+ hours. Once removed, you’ll find crimped hair from the braids alone.


If you have poker straight hair naturally, you might need to take an additional step:


  • With the sections braided, apply heat protectant evenly across your head. You can then get the effect of crimped hair with a flat iron: gently smooth the hot straightening iron across the whole length of the braids. Do not pause in any one area too long. By ‘ironing in’ the waves like this, you are assured the crimped effect will last longer and have a stronger effect.

The best crimped hairstyles

In recent years, the crimped hair trend has made a big comeback with stars such as Beyonce, Anna Kendrick, and Kylie Jenner all rocking the look.


High ponytail


Channel your inner Ariana Grande and opt for the high ponytail look with crimped ends. This style will suit anyone with extra-long hair.


Mid-length bob


Whether you wear it poker straight or in beach waves, shoulder length hair is perfect for crimping. Don’t go for the whole head, but instead pick small sections along your parting and a few thicker sections at the bottom to give a tousled and edgy look.