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Hair Flowers: How To Wear Them

Nothing brings more excitement to your looks than a blossom in your hair. Allow us to pay you a flowery compliment, “You are going to look smashing with blossoms in your hair!”

“Flowers are nature’s love poem to us!” Bettina von Arnim once expressed this in one of her poems. There needs to be no other reason for wearing blossoms in your hair. Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Mischa Barton love to adorn their hair with blossoms. The blossoms may be made of all kinds of material, they may be stylized or real and they come affixed to Alice bands and slides. Try it! We help you to avoid the sappy or overdone look with our styling tips below.

Tip 1: Less is More

Understatement is the operative word for the right choice of hair blossoms. Highlight your looks with a singular blossom in your hair rather than turning your head into a meadow.

Tip 2: Flower Styling

Blossoms go particularly well with long hair whether you wear it open or pinned up. Dependent on the thickness of your hair, you have the choice of small or large blossoms. If you wear your hair short you may want to stick to comb slides with flower adornments rather than large tulle blossoms because it fits better to your hair style

Tip 3: Express Yourself with Blossoms

Many of the new hair trends accommodate flowers. The way you place the blossom decides your personal style. You may decide to be glamorous with a blossom in your chignon or look charmingly romantic wearing an Alice band with blossoms.

Tip 4: The Art of Accessorising

Blossoms show their beauty most impressively when you dress in solid colors. Anyway, you should not overdo it with distracting large floral prints, large plaids or wild color combinations.

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