Robert Pattinson with a cropped hairstyle
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Mens French Crop

The new men's crop is the French Crop: razor short and just a bit longer on top. This haircut gives new meaning to the phrase "low maintenance".

Prisoners and new recruits everywhere are definitely familiar with wearing cropped hair. Traditionally, every single hair on their heads is cropped to stubble. The different feature of the new crop is the slightly longer hair on top of the head (four to five millimetres/0.15" to 0.2") by comparison with the side hair, which is only half as long. A well maintained crop needs to be trimmed about every four to six weeks.

Why The French Crop?

Undercuts, spiky hair and the shag are all low-key men's hairstyles. However, there is few hairstyles easier to style and maintain than the French crop. Actually, in that aspect, the French crop clearly leaves all other hairstyles wanting. Of course, this would hardly matter at all if the French crop would not be as cool as it is convenient. No matter what you do, your hair will look well-groomed even while driving in an open car. Nobody could even tell whether you shampooed your hair yesterday or a minute ago because it will be dry in the blink of an eye. Go ahead! Wear your favorite baseball cap or hat. Your hair will not show any effect. This certainly is the ideal hairstyle for cool guys who like to look stylish while living life to the fullest.

Styling Tips for the French Crop

Razor short hair should be washed with a suitable shampoo to keep it looking healthy and shiny. Dandruff would not at all be compatible with such a short haircut because every flake would be very apparent.

You have the choice of styling your new crop shiny or matte. Use hair wax for more luster or an alternative hair product for the matte look.

The style of your beard can dramatically change the impression you make with your new crop hairstyle. You may however decide to shave the stubbles before attending serious events or parties with strict protocol. Cutting your hair this short is a big step. It may be a good idea to discuss with your Schwarzkopf styling expert whether this look suits your style and whether you want to grow a beard to go with the striking new crop.