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Moustache Styles: What’s Cool & Trending For Men

While having a popular men’s hairstyle is one thing, having stylish facial hair can really improve a man’s image and create a whole new look. If you want to know the best moustache styles happening right now and decide to switch up your facial hair into something cool, then read on to discover our tips. When done right, a great beard and haircut combo can help improve not just a man’s style, but also his confidence and swagger as well!


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A moustache can change your whole look

People are saying that the moustache has made a great comeback in recent years, but that depends on the moustache style you’ve chosen! Growing out your facial hair can take some time, patience, and good grooming techniques, but it’s all worth it when you have a great ‘tache! Learn all about how to style a moustache and the best options to try this year and beyond.


The Chevron is perhaps one of the thickest and most noticeable moustache styles for men. While fairly neat and tidy, the Chevron is nevertheless a big moustache because it covers the entire upper lip section. While the thickness can vary, it’s typically worn with at least a month’s growth.


Hollywood stars of the 40s loved the Pencil moustache as it has something dashing about it. This moustache style requires a lot of maintenance, as it has to be kept thin and flat in order to maintain the look. This option thankfully doesn’t take too long to grow and can be achieved in a month.


One of the classic moustache styles for men has made a return in recent years, the Handlebar is commonly associated as the ‘Hipster’ moustache, because it has a lot of flair and chicness to it! You’ll typically have to shave a small piece in the middle, so that the moustache is separated into two sections. The shaping is fairly simple, as you’ll need to have some special moustache wax to style the ends and twirl them into a curve. This option should be quite thick so you’ll need at least six weeks’ growth.


Though many would not consider the Horseshoe as one of the best moustache styles for men, it’s still very striking! The shape resembles a horseshoe because it covers the entire upper lip and the sides of the chin. You’ll have to shave the middle part of the chin and the sideburns in order to complete the look. This moustache style might not be suitable for offices, as it’s seen as a bit uncouth by some, but depending on your line of work, you should be able to pull it off! This will take around two months to look perfect.


Many of today’s actors, musicians, and sports stars like wearing the Scruffy moustache, as it’s very low-maintenance and can be worn with some beard stubble. It should only take a few weeks to grow out, and you can simply trim it when you think it’s getting too long.

How to style a moustache

When it comes down to it, a great moustache is all about grooming techniques. Once you have the right tools (clippers, scissors, beard oil and wax, razor, comb) and know how to treat your beard properly, then there will be no stopping you! There are even men’s salons that focus on cutting and styling beards these days. These moustache styles above are just a few of the most popular right now, but feel free to experiment with a full beard, different hairstyles, or just the moustache on its own. The best way to rock it is with poise, so wear it your own way.

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