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Some say the hair makes the man, others say the man makes the hair. We like to think it’s a little bit of both! When it comes to hairstyles for men, there are plenty of modern and cool options to choose from. It’s fair to say that hair is often one of the very first things that people notice, and because first impressions count, you might be considering updating your style. If you feel like you want to change your image and boost your confidence and individuality, check out one of the men’s hairstyles below.

Runway-inspired & cool hairstyles for men

Classic mens haircut

A classic mens haircut always looks good

Burberry Prorsum

As a slight variation of the mop tops from the 1960s, this men’s haircut is now more structured. Your top layer of hair needs to be sufficiently long if you want to rival the British chic of Burberry Prorsum, but the bangs should cover the entire forehead to the eyebrows. It is acceptable to cut the side and neck hair shorter, as long as the bangs and the top layer are pulled inward over a round brush while blow-drying your hair. Distribute a small amount of göt2b® Beach Matte Surfer Look Paste on your fingertips and comb the hair forward into your face while running your fingers through your hair. Finally, shape some strands of hair with your fingers to give it more structure.



Hermès uses the same basic haircut for men as described for Burberry Prorsum. Longer hair on top is combined with shorter side and neck hair. In this variation, however, the hair is combed back. Put a walnut-sized dollop of göt2b® Phenomenal Paste into still-damp hair to make styling easier and provide the necessary hold. To add volume to your hair, we recommend hanging your head upside down while blow-drying it. The side and neck hair should be combed close to your head in a neat and tidy way, as this gives this style an exciting contrast. We recommend this haircut for men with naturally wavy or curly hair.


Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana were definitely inspired by the 1980s. Their models wear carefully styled hair in their fashion shows. For these styles, the top layer of hair should be longer than the side hair. Towel-dry your hair and work a small amount of styling mousse through the still damp hair to provide the necessary hold. Then blow-dry your hair while hanging your head upside down, as this provides more volume. Deeply part your hair on the side and blow-dry your hair while brushing it back. Finally, apply a small amount of hair wax or hair crème as well as some hair spray.


Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier emphasizes the feminine elements in his hairstyles for men. Work some styling mousse through the still damp hair and part your hair on one side. Now, tautly pull all your hair to one side and roll it on curlers on this one side. Blow-dry the hair on the curlers and allow it to cool before removing the curlers. Comb your hair and apply some hair spray.



Men wear their hair long at Etro. Hair needs to be healthy and well-groomed for this look. Part your hair in the middle and blow-dry it while pulling it strand by strand through a paddle brush. Use a flat iron for very smooth and straight hair. Don’t forget to use heat protectant spray before reaching for the flat iron, as your hair will look better for it. Add gloss spray for a sleeker finish.


Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood is nostalgic for the 1920s and 1930s. Back then, waves were all the rage! Use a comb to distribute some gel in the hair and part it deeply on one side. Now, form the front of your hair into a loose quiff falling sideways into your face. If necessary, hold this wavy quiff in place for a while using hair slides. Apply some hair spray to keep your hair and the quiff in place.


Michael Kors

Michael Kors probably wears one of the least elaborate and easiest men’s hairstyles. Distribute some hair wax or hair crème on your fingers and sleek your side hair back close to the scalp. Tousle your hair any way you like it and pull your hair in shape as needed.

Haircuts for men: From past to present

Shaved mens haircut

UItra short mens haircuts are practical and trendy

Men’s haircuts of today are retro rather than modern! Fashion and trends have a way of coming back, and what was old is new again. When looking for a new hairstyle, men know that what worked in the past will work again today (with some exceptions!). Whether it’s a pompadour from the 1960s, long hairstyles for men that are reminiscent of the 1970s, or men’s undercut of the 1980s, the past has given men so many fantastic styles.

A carefully considered hairstyle for men is not just for the well-groomed gent either. In fact, some of the coolest modern haircuts for men are all about embracing length, giving in to unruly curls and experimenting with unconventional colors. Seasons change, fashions come and go, but the best men’s haircuts will always go the distance.  

Hair type and texture can determine male hairstyles

Above all, it is essential to find a haircut that works with what you’ve already got. If you are blessed with a naturally thick head of hair, you can easily go for a high-volume style, as curly hair adds much-needed shape and definition. When it comes to choosing the right men’s haircut, it’s important to keep in mind that your locks may be oily, dry, fine, or coarse. Talking to your stylist about the texture of your hair and where it normally sits when left to its own devices will help clarify the best men’s hairstyle for you. Be experimental but realistic! You might love another guy’s hairstyle, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right one for your hair type.

Pick a men’s haircut to match your lifestyle

It would be fair to say that not many of us have time to recreate that fresh-from-the-salon look every morning! The question is, how much time can you dedicate to your hair? If you’re a natural with the blow dryer, you can easily handle a more complex style; if you’re the wash-and-go type, you might be better off with a more low-maintenance hairstyle for men. Longer hair tends to require more attention in terms of care and styling—but of course there is always the option of a man bun or ponytail. The good news is that cool hairstyles for men can be extremely versatile, so finding one that fits in with your lifestyle should not be too tricky.  

Does face shape affect men’s haircut styles?

Your ability to pull off a certain male hairstyle will often depend on your face shape. If you’ve never figured out whether you’re an oval, square, or diamond shape, then consult with a hairdresser to find out. Knowing this will help decide the best hairstyle for you in the future. Hairstyles that highlight your features and play to your strengths are usually considered the best. For example, a close precision cut will accentuate a strong jawline, whilst volume on top adds length to round faces. Then, of course, if you prefer to have a beard, then you’ll need to make sure that your style will match facial hair.