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Man Buns: How To Rock This Awesome Look

Man bun hairstyles have become one of the most sought-after options for men in recent years, but why? Well, it's easy to pull off, looks great, isn't hard to maintain, and suits men with a range of different hair textures. If you're thinking about growing your hair, you'd do well to consider rocking a man bun. Discover all about it here.

Stand out from the crowd with man bun hair

Wear a trendy top knot for men

Top knots for men help manage long hair

The man bun, much like it sounds, simply refers to a guy gathering a bunch of his hair at the back of his head and fixing it into a bun. Usually gathered at the crown of the head, you'll basically just need a hair tie to achieve this awesome look. When it comes to long hairstyles for men, man bun haircuts are the perfect look for informal or formal occasions alike. For those without long hair just yet, you'll need some time and patience before you can pull off a fantastic man bun style, but the reward is definitely worth it!

Different man bun hairstyles

Short man bun

Trim sides and a short top knot make for a trendy look

The man bun jumped back into fashion sometime around 2013 and since then has been one of the most popular men’s haircuts there is. With celebrities like Harry Styles, David Beckham, and Jared Leto all wearing the look, the popularity of this simple style isn’t set to wane any time soon and it's now a common haircut to see on the streets of any city.


Some people might call the man bun a 'top knot’, but whatever you choose to name it, there are a whole number of variants you can rock to suit your personal style.  


The full bun refers to the whole head of hair being tied back without any shaved parts, while the low bun is worn at the base of the head, rather than the crown. The man bun fade is a prevalent option, as it's basically an undercut which "fades" from short to long at the sides and back, but leaves a considerable amount of length on top to complete the man bun haircut. Finally, the man bun and beard combo is a huge favorite right now, completing the look with a real rugged feel.

Tips for getting the perfect top knot for men

Thankfully, no matter whether your hair is curly or straight, blonde, black, or red, knowing how to do a man bun is easier than it sounds! Here are some tips to achieve the style:


  • Get regular trims: When you grow your hair, it's best to prevent split ends by getting the tips cut every three to four months.
  • A lot of patience: If you grow your hair to be at least six inches long, you have the beginnings of a great man bun hairstyle. How long you grow your hair is up to you, but this length is considered the norm.
  • Quality hair ties: You don't want anything that doesn't hold the shape well or stretches after a few days. Invest well in this area!
  • Good shampoo and conditioner: Of course, taking care of your long hair is paramount for having that perfect man bun haircut. Shampooing and conditioning your hair once or twice a week is a good idea, as is using a comb to keep the ends from being tangled. If you’re rocking a classic man bun and beard combination, we strongly recommend giving göt2b Phenomenal beard and hair shampoo a try.

Who looks best with man buns?

Get the man bun look

It takes just three easy steps to style your own man bun

While long hair on men was once considered unruly and unprofessional, these days you'll find that even a man bun fade is a common sight in many offices and workplaces around the world. Those with the confidence to grow their hair long and wear this style will be rewarded with a great modern style that will be the envy of your shorter haired buddies. Man bun hair looks great both clean shaven and when paired with a beard, so how you like to wear your facial hair is up to you. Finally, don’t forget that the top knot for men is an easy and clean look for anything from first dates to job interviews when you want to look your best.