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Kpop Hairstyles For Men

Kpop has never been bigger. Breaking out of the Korean music scene, bands like BTS and Girls’ Generation are now known across the world – and it’s not just because of their catchy songs. Incredible fashion and some truly striking hairstyles play a big role in the high-octane visuals that Kpop delivers. Inventive use of hair color and boundary-pushing cuts are just some of the features of the most popular Korean hairstyles for men. Read on to find out more about some of the best Kpop hair looks.

Kpop & Korean men’s hairstyles

Finding the right Kpop hairstyle for you will depend on a number of things, and not least just how daring you want to be. There are a few key trends that set Korean hairstyles for men apart from other looks, and can be adapted to suit all different hair lengths

Crazy color work

Man with extreme kpop hair

Kpop hair is all about pushing boundaries

From soft pastel hair shades to bright neon, few do color like Kpop idols. Get the look yourself by trying the göt2B® Metallics range, which will give you that instant shimmering look after just one application. The general rule when it comes to Kpop hair is the bolder the better. In summer, get inspired by light tones that reflect the sun and warmth of the season: mint green, yellow or even unicorn-inspired rainbow streaks give you that extra flair. In colder months, experiment with burgundies and teals for a strong and brooding look.

Long parted bangs

Borrowing heavily from one of the biggest looks of the 90s, the trend for wearing long parted bangs is very much here to stay. The slightly messy look is a highly popular Korean men’s hairstyle, and the bangs are often cut long so they partly obscure the eyes to give the look an extra dimension of mystery. Bangs will often be volumized or crimped to add extra texture and impact.

Bowl cut with undercut

Man with undercut kpop hair

Sharply undercut styles are always popular

The epitome of cool, a sharply undercut bowl cut has become a firm favorite Korean hairstyle for men. Leaving plenty of opportunity for customization with color, or even hair accessories, the bowl cut can be adapted to be as edgy or sensible as you like. With a sharply undercut back, however, you’re guaranteed a youthful and dramatic look.


The Mohawk is one of the most rebellious and attitude-infused hairstyles out there. Frequently seen on some of the biggest and best idols, it’s the Kpop hairstyle that says “don’t mess with me.” Wear it with ultra-short sides or with a slightly mulleted back – the most important thing is that you scream confidence. To make sure your spikes stay put all day, don’t forget to use some göt2b® ultra glued styling gel before heading out the door.