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Hairstyles for Men Over 60: Cool & Timeless

Growing older doesn’t mean you have to play it safe and “normal” with your hair! Whether you're after short hairstyles for men over 60 or if you wish to style your long locks, older gentlemen can still choose from many fashionable and modern haircuts. Even if your hair has turned silver, there are some cool haircuts for men over 60 that don’t require much maintenance and are simple to style at home. Discover what options are available if you’re a man in your 60s.

Longer haircuts for men over 60

If you’ve still got a bit of hair length to work with, be sure to try one of these longer styles.


The Pompadour

A chic hairstyle that even those in their 20s are loving, the pompadour has been around for many decades, and with good reason: It’s a classic, easy, and diverse hairstyle. When slicked back with low faded sides and a full beard to match, this is a haircut for men over 60 that has just the right amount of attitude mixed with elegance. Don’t be surprised if you get admiring looks from people of all ages.


Beach waves

Still have a lot of hair length on top? Then a wavy style will work perfectly for you. If you can keep the sides and back trimmed neatly, the hair on top can be styled using göt2b® Beach Matte® Surfer Look Paste for a wavy, wind-blown look.

Short haircuts for men over 60

Don't want to do much styling and prefer shorter options for your hair? Then try one of these.


Classic side part

Like the French crop, it's hard to beat this traditional look because it's just so versatile and striking! Suitable for the workplace or dinner with friends, the classic side part is neat and barely takes any styling in the morning. This is one of the best hairstyles for men over 60 who simply want a conventional look with minimal fuss.


Short and spiky

If you happen to have gray hair, you can still have a modern and fresh look that will speak for itself. If you have hair that's long on top and cropped closely around the temples and neck, use göt2b® Glued® Spiking Wax to style it upwards. Men’s spiky haircuts look cool and are great when paired with either a beard or a shaved face.


Shaved hair

Hate having to style hair and feel like it doesn't quite look like it once did? Shaving your hair all over is a stress-free solution to styling your hair. Haircuts for men over 60 don’t come easier than this! Ask your barber what a good length for you might be, as you might not want too close of a crop.



Made popular by several male celebrities, you might think that the undercut would take some bravery to pull off when it comes to short hairstyles for men over 60, but never fear: the undercut is practical, stylish, and trendy. It only really takes shaving the sides and back and growing out the top, which you can either slick back or slick to the sides.

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