Three male models with elegant hairstyles
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Formal Hairstyles for Men

So you’ve been invited to a fancy event, and are looking for a fancy hairstyle to go along with your fancy tux? Luckily, elegant hairstyles for men are generally easy to pull off with a few simple steps and a bit of product. Whether it’s a wedding, the red carpet, or the party of the year, these basic principles for formal hair will get you looking your best so that you can have a great time at the big event!

The side part

Elegant Hairstyles for Men

Elegance at its finest

Parting your hair to the side is a classy way to bring an elegant flair to formal hair. It’s also an easy formal hairstyle that’s appropriate for any occasion. After applying göt2b® Phenomenal Fiber Cream or göt2b®  Phenomenal Paste to damp hair, comb your hair back and create a part with a comb that starts above the halfway point of your eyebrow. Doing so will draw attention to your jawline and flatter your face shape. Comb over the rest of your hair for a dapper red carpet hairstyle.


Expert Tip: Less is more! Styling products are best used sparingly. Usually, a dab is more than enough to get the look and hold you want. Remember, you can always add more if needed.

Make sure to keep it tidy

Elegant Hairstyles for Men

Sleek and shiny is the way to do it

Those with long hair have to put a bit more effort into styling their fancy hairstyles. While blowout hair is a great option for men, it can take a lot of time and effort, especially if your hair is thick. A man bun is a great alternative that will help you look put-together and won’t distract from the rest of your look.



Expert Tip: Practice your fancy hairstyle a week prior to the big event, so that you can relax and enjoy getting ready for the evening.

Don’t forget to care for your facial hair

Your hairstyle for formal events also includes your facial hair, so don’t neglect it. To create a cohesive and clean look worthy of the red carpet, find a beard haircut that will look elegant while also showing that you’re ready for the party. If shaping and trimming your beard is too much effort, go for the clean shaven look. Whatever you choose, your facial hair should tie your whole look together.


Expert Tip: Make sure you’re caring for your mustache or beard by using göt2b®  Phenomenal Beard Oil, which tames and softens your facial hair.