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The Curtain Haircut for Men: Updating this Classic Hairstyle

For years, men have snubbed their nose at the curtain haircut. The style’s precisely parted sections of hair reminded them too much of the fashion sins of the boy bands of the 90s. However, that’s luckily no longer the case: The new curtain hairstyle is showing the world its relaxed, cool side.


The heyday of the curtain haircut was about two decades ago. At that time, on women’s heads, space buns reigned supreme, while men preferred hairstyles with center parts. Even those that felt closer to the grunge or rave scene did it – in the 90s, men simply wore their hair parted in the middle: either relaxed, or perfectly straight.


Today, the 90s are experiencing a comeback and the trendiest outfits from this decade can be seen on the streets of London, Milan and Berlin. The fashion world has given this decade’s hairstyles a hip makeover too, with playful styles like the zigzag part.

How to style curtain haircuts properly

A young man with a curtain haircut looking at his phone.
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The curtain hairstyle is back in business!

Today’s interpretation of curtain hairstyles works for men with any hair length. Even men with long hair can pull off this look. The only important thing is that the hair looks healthy and for it to have some bounce. Embracing the hair’s natural movement is the key behind the curtain hairstyles of today.


  1. First wash your hair with a nourishing men’s shampoo like the göt2b® PHENOMENAL beard and hair shampoo, which is specially formulated to not only cleanse your hair of the dirt and grime of the day, but also to strengthen it.
  2. Gently pat your hair dry and then comb it back. With your hair still damp, part your hair in the middle using a comb or your fingers and work a small dab of göt2b® PHENOMENAL Grooming Wax into your hair.
  3. Blow dry your hair or let it air dry for a natural look. The modern curtain hairstyle for men can be left messy.
  4. To finish off your look, reach for some göt2b® PHENOMENAL Fiber Cream, which will add that extra bit of shine and texture to your curtain hairstyle.

Our tip

Men that want an edgier look can precisely part their short or mid-length hair in the middle and can flatten it using the göt2b® PHENOMENAL Molding Paste. It doesn’t get more 90s-revival than that!

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