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Hairstyles for Frizzy Hair: Our Top 3 Picks

Very frizzy hair? No problem! When you don’t have the time to tame those locks or simply don’t want to, just keep your natural curls and play up your hair’s greatest assets! We will help you embrace your frizz by showing you how to style frizzy hair so that it looks great.

Pick the right frizzy hair style for you

There are many hairstyles for frizzy hair. While you can try to contain the frizz by turning to a bun hairstyle or trying to plait hair, in the end, it just restricts the hair’s freedom. Why not try to liberate it? You can instead let your frizzy curly hairstyle naturally fall in place and use minimal styling techniques to achieve a nice shape. Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Straight on top, frizz on the way down

Styles for Frizzy Hair

Get the ultimate festival vibes with frizzy curls

Flat on top, frizzy curls underneath


Cascading curls always look glamorous, but when they are particularly voluminous around the face, they can sometimes be hard to deal with. A good compromise is to let your hair fall naturally for the most part, straightening only the section of hair from the top of the head to the temples. The perfect tool to get this cool hairstyle for frizzy hair is a hair straightener (make sure you don’t forget to use heat protectant!). The contrast between straight and frizzy hair gives this hairstyle depth.


Extra Tip: Use hair oil to make your hair soft and smooth. We recommend Gliss® Oil Nutritive Weightless Oil from Schwarzkopf for perfect results.

2. Quiff with frizzy lengths

Curls meet quiff


Take advantage of the volume that comes from your hair’s curly structure and twist the hair on the top of your head into a quiff! To create this frizzy hairstyle, simply take a thick section of your bangs, apply Göt2b® Powder’ful® Volumizing Styling Powder to the roots, gently backcomb it and fix in place with a hair comb or bobby pin. Smooth back the hair on the sides using Göt2b® Glam Force® Sculpting Gel and secure it using a hair comb. Leave the rest of your hair in its natural state.


Extra Tip: Use a striking, colorful hair clip for a playful and eye-catching look.

3. Tame in the front, frizzy elsewhere

Styles for Frizzy Hair

Let your curls fly free and frizzy!

Hair combs and gel—that’s all you need!


Make a part in your hair and bangs and use hair pins to fix the bangs in place. This hairstyle for thick frizzy hair is so easy that the natural curls end up looking wonderful and the completed look remains very natural. If you like, you can use some hair gel to help keep the hair around your face looking smooth in a natural way.


Extra Tip: Use a matte hair product for styling as this can help avoid the frizz to exacerbate dry hair.