Hair mousse for gorgeous locks
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A Guide To Using Hair Mousse

Hair mousse is your ultimate styling ally when you are looking to add more texture and lift throughout your locks. Help your updos keep their shape, your quiffs their bounce, and your curls their definition. Here we share to secrets to using hair mouse as well as top tips on giving hair a real boost using a hair dryer and rollers.  

Hair mousse: More hold & more style

Hair mousse for curls

Bring out your curls' natural beauty

Apply hair volume mousse where you wanted to define style, add texture and create volume. Always use the mousse on semi-wet hair that has been towel dried, ideally after having cleaned it free from other product traces and residual dirt. Using hair mousse on dry hair will often only serve to mat it and dull its appearance.


Amount: The amount of product you use will depend on your hair length. A golf ball-sized dollop is enough for the hair near the roots. A tennis ball-sized amount of hair volume mousse is appropriate for longer layered hair.

Amplify the effect of hair mousse with a blow-dryer

Blow drying with hair mousse

Use a blow-dryer after applying hair mousse for an amplified effect

With the hair mousse product applied to the hair, your next step to achieving some serious height and body is using your hair dryer.


For curly hair: Using the medium setting of your dryer, attach a diffuser head to work through curls. This will allow you to enhance your natural curl pattern without flattening or disrupting it. Scrunch your hair up gently between your fingers and guide it under the diffuser. Working in small circular motions, you can gradually move across your whole head. 


For straight hair: Create extra height in straight hair by using a rounded brush. First gather the top layer of your hair and hold it with a clip on top of your head. Then start pulling the bottom portions of your hair over a round brush while blowing some warm air against the strands. Give your hair style the final polish by leaving the brush in your hair an extra few seconds with the heat switched off. Allow your hair to cool and then gently pull the brush through the hair without disturbing its shape. Use the same technique to style the top layer of your hair.

How to use hair mousse: Six tips from the experts

  • Every now and then, you should part your hair on the opposite side of your head. This will give your hair more bounce in an instant.
  • When using hair mousse and hair spray, you can get more volume if you spray it underneath your hair strand by strand rather than spraying it over your hair.
  • Heated rollers provide fuller hair in a flash. Remember, you need to use large rollers to give your hair volume. The smaller the rollers the more likely you will create curls instead.
  • Make sure that the head of your round brush is large enough. The bristles should slightly extend through your rolled up hair. This technique does not only give your hair volume but also perfect luster.
  • When styling hair with mousse and other products, use structure-producing styling products such as gels and waxes sparingly. Also make sure to work such products from the bottom through your hair rather than putting them on top of the new hair growth.