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Hair Trend Report: Golden Globes 2015 Edition

To complement the sea of amazing couture gowns on the red carpet at this year’s Golden Globes in Beverly Hills, Hollywood’s starlets upped their beauty games. There were some strong hair trends on the carpet, but this was the year of individuality. Celebrity hair stylist Richard Collins picks three of his favorite stand-out looks from the Golden Globes red carpet and shows you how to get them using his favorite Schwarzkopf products.

One of the most romantic and unexpected looks of the night was the Grecian crown braid. Although not something we’d usually see on a red carpet, Richard says the simple look was fresh and exciting against the backdrop of a glam couture gown. It also happens to be one of the Schwarzkopf Looks 2015. Start by prepping your clean, wet hair with Schwarzkopf Satin Frizz Control and Protect Heat Protection Styling Cream, and blow dry it. Next, separate your hair into two low pigtails. Braid both sections and secure with clear elastics. Pull one braid up over your head and bobby-pin it an inch back from your hairline. Repeat on the opposite side, positioning the second braid behind the first. Finish with Schwarzkopf Crystal Shine and Hold Laminating Shine Hair Spray.


Another one of Richard’s favorite unexpected, but totally gorgeous looks from the Golden Globes red carpet, was the cool girl messy bob. Start by making a deep side part in your towel dried hair. Apply Schwarzkopf Biotin Volume and Texture Superb Volume Mousse, and then blow dry with a paddle brush. Once your hair is dry, create loose waves using a medium-sized curling iron on small sections, and then spray a healthy amount of Schwarzkopf Biotin Volume and Texture Luxe Fresh Up Dry Shampoo all over, shaking it out for easy movement.


Finally, the Golden Globes red carpet gave us an ultra modern version of the usual tousled loose wave look, which Richard calls the tousled pony. Start by applying Schwarzkopf Biotin Volume and Texture Superb Volume Mousse to your wet hair before blow-drying with a round brush. Using a one-inch curling iron, curl the whole head into waves by wrapping your hair tightly around the barrel. Apply Schwarzkopf Crystal Shine and Hold Transparent Polishing Cream through set curls, using your fingers to separate the ends of the hair. Gather your curls into a ponytail just below your crown, secure with hair elastic, and take a small piece of hair from the pony to wrap around the base and hide the band. Finally, create volume in the ponytail by using your fingers to open it up, and pull pieces around the face, allowing for flyaways and small pieces to fall out around the hairline. Keep it in place by finishing with Schwarzkopf Crystal Shine and Hold Laminating Shine Hair Spray.


Richard believes these are the looks to watch for and that we will be seeing more of this season. So stock up on your Schwarzkopf products and be ready to re-create them for your next big event or night out. Richard and Schwarzkopf will have you looking and feeling super chic and of course, on-trend as usual!