Model with a choppy hairstyle
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Trend Alert: Choppy and Short

Short to medium-length hair is not cut to even length for the modern choppy cut. The styling deliberately creates the impression of careless nonchalance. We show models wearing this modern hairstyle and provide styling tips.

May we introduce to you the new sexy choppy bob? This bob is sexy, easy to style and easy to keep up. Models like to be seen with the choppy bob. Mario Testino created the proper ambience to show the many appealing choppy bob aspects for Schwarzkopf. Even stars like Michelle Williams are willing to sacrifice their long hair and embrace the choppy style.


Think of choppy ocean waves when you style your choppy bob. The fringed haircut is easy to style because smooth lines are not part of its nature. Choppy and choppy layered haircuts work especially well for short to medium-length hair. To deserve the title ‘trendiest 2015 hairstyle’ the choppy bob must also be fashionable, it must tease but still be fit for everyday wear. We think the choppy bob has it all.


The essence of any choppy haircut is its sassy and fresh nature, which relates to the uneven cutting of layers or the covering hair and the nonchalant styling. The uneven length helps to create the impression of movement. The cutting technique is particularly suited for short hair (choppy pixie cuts) or medium-length hair (choppy bobs). Choppy haircuts are suitable for most women. The hair cutting technique adds expression to narrow faces and emphasises the contours of round faces.


Styling the Choppy Bob


Volume and structure are the main focus for choppy bobs. Use hair wax to accentuate the hair strands of various lengths. Distribute a hazelnut-sized dollop of hair wax between your hands and work the wax through the covering hair. The idea is to tousle your hair as much as possible. This helps to create the ‘undone’ appearance. You may also like to accentuate parts of your hair using a flat iron. As finishing touch, apply salt spray to the hair ends for added texture.


Tip: Maintain as much volume as possible by using shampoo, which does not weigh your hair down.