Woman with an angled bob hairstyle
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Asymmetrical Bob: How to Get the Look

Bob hairstyles come in many different forms, but while the traditional bob style is classic and hard to beat, there’s something a bit rebellious and edgy about an asymmetrical bob. This is a look that is typically unconventional in nature, but is rapidly becoming a modern and go-to option for stylish women across the world. We’ll provide a few tips on how to rock asymmetrical bob haircuts and explain what this hairstyle is all about.


Essentially, asymmetrical bob hairstyles are cut unevenly on purpose, with one side of the front of your hair longer than the other. For women who like the idea of the bob, albeit with a fresher, updated look, the asymmetrical option is far from a simple hairstyle! This look is all about being fun, adventurous, and without so much care and maintenance. Be part of the comeback trend with an asymmetrical bob.


Who suits asymmetrical bob hairstyles?

Blonde woman with asymmertical bob

Try long at the front and short at the back

The fantastic thing about choosing the asymmetrical option when it comes to your bob, is that it is highly adjustable! The angle and length can be changed easily enough according to your hair type and face shape, and even which facial features you’d prefer to highlight. Like most things, your hairstylist can recommend how to cut the bob according to your face shape. If you want it short at the back but with long bangs, then the short asymmetrical bob is a great choice, but if you prefer a more gradual adjustment from the back to the front and still want a lot of hair to work with, then a long asymmetrical bob is perfect.

Styling tips for asymmetrical bob haircuts

Woman with black hair tucked behind ear

Tuck your hair behind your ear to show off the different lengths

  • Add some color – If you’re switching up your look with a bob, then now’s as good a time as any to change the color too. The complete adjustment will probably come as a shock to everyone you know, but this bold haircut looks great with a new, strong color. Go blonde or even try something daring like pastel hair.
  • Embrace the angle – An asymmetrical bob is all about the big diversity in lengths for the front of your hair, so don’t be afraid have a big distinction between the sides. This haircut is all about being lopsided, so embrace it!
  • Try bangs – During the haircut, ask your stylist if you think bangs would be suitable for the bob. Thicker, straight-across bangs would do the job, and having a hairstyle with bangs is extremely trendy right now.
  • Tuck it behind your ears – If people don’t notice the difference in length, tucking your hair behind your ears really shows off the dissimilarity and displays to the world that you suit an asymmetrical bob hairstyle.