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The Inverted Bob Is The Trendy Version of a Classic Cut

The inverted bob haircut has come to the fore as one of the most stylish and forward-thinking versions of classic bob hairstyles. Tapering down to the chin, it’s a highly flattering cut for people of all different ages and face shapes. Although they need regular trims to maintain the defining arch lines, inverted bob hairstyles are highly adaptable as both a casual and more formal look.

What is the inverted bob hairstyle?

The inverted bob is, much as it sounds, simply a reverse bob haircut. With this style, the hair is cut to taper short at the neck, while the sides extend down the jaw towards the chin. The inverted bob is often worn with bangs, so that the whole face is framed by the hair at the front, while at the back there are just smooth clean lines.

The inverted bob can be worn as long or as short as you choose: some more daring individuals wear their style cropped extremely short, drawing influence from early 1920s flappers, while others choose to keep their hair longer and wear it over the face.

Who suits the inverted bob haircut?

The inverted bob worn to perfection

The inverted bob suits women of all ages

As a style that lets you adjust and tweak it to your specific needs, the inverted bob is favored by women of all ages and appearances. For example, it is known as a popular hairstyle for women over 60, as well as for much younger college girls.

One of the reasons the inverted bob enjoys such widespread popularity is that it is practical and easy to look after. No matter the season, it looks great with both summer dresses and cozy knitted sweaters. Wear it ruffled and loose when running errands or straightened and sleek when heading out for dinner. What’s more, the reverse bob haircut is a great style for women who have hair highlights to show off their fabulous color, and amplifies highlights so they shimmer attractively under light. It can also have a great slimming effect on the face and elongates the neck, making it one of the most flattering styles out there.

Styling the inverted bob

Wondering how to perfect the inverted bob look? Wonder no more. Here we break down the most important steps for styling this look:

  1. After washing your hair, use a small amount of heat protecting serum throughout.
  2. Blow-dry your hair using a paddle brush and encourage plenty of upward lift at the roots
  3. Once completely dry, apply a small amount of styling cream to the middle section and tips of the hair
  4. Using a flat iron, gently tong the front pieces of your hair forward toward your chin and curl under. If you have an inverted bob with bangs, also tong your bangs.
  5. Finish using a light amount of hairspray and gently scrunch the hair and the roots so that it doesn’t settle too flat.