Taylor Swift with a blonde bob hairstyle
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Trendy Hair Style: The Short Bevelled Cut

The bob is a classic among haircuts. People love wearing the bob most likely because the style is plain but not square, short but still variable. Nowadays, you can add the all-out bevelled side hair to the bob hairstyle. Here we tell you who can wear the bob and how to care for it. Not every hair structure is suitable for the bob style. 

In the original form of the bob the hair is about chin-long with clearly defined contours. The bob is one of the most popular hair styles in the world because it is so easy to create and maintain. Over the years, the hair length has become more varied and may now range from earlobe- to shoulder-length. This means that you can optimally adapt the style to the proportions of your face. This applies in particular to the newest bob interpretations with bevelled side hair.
If your face is more on the long side you should opt for as short a bob as possible. This will keep the focus square on your face. Some steps make the cut light and lively, nothing droops. A bob with soft lines works best for chiseled facial contours. A round face looks best with a longer bob cut with little volume on the sides of your face.

The Bob is the ideal cut for (almost) all heads

The bob also demands little from the hair structure. The bob style can turn even the finest hair into a stunning hairdo. Waves and moderate curls are also suitable for the new playful bobs. Cowlicks and frizzy permanents are known for their ways of escaping any control and are therefore a problem even for a bob, especially for a bob with bangs. Actually, those two hair problems are the only reasons not to opt for a bob style. Women with intensive permanents are unlikely to enjoy a bob (pyramid effect!).

The Best of all Worlds – The Bob

By and large the bob is easy to maintain. With the proper haircut the bob needs little help to keep the shape. The shorter and more precise the bob haircut, the more frequently it has to be trimmed by your hair stylist (a shorter bob every four weeks and a longer bob about every six to eight weeks).