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Get Blowout Hair at Home with Just Your Hair Dryer

If you’ve ever gotten a salon blowout, then you know the allure of the beautiful, silky-smooth strands that you are left with when the appointment is over. However, trying to get that professional blow dry hair look at home is not as easy as they make it look in the salon! Knowing how to blow dry your hair can make or break your styling success. Consequently, we want to share the best blowout hair techniques with you so that you can create a gorgeous hairstyle that will hold from morning till night.

Blow dry hair for a big effect

To achieve the blowout hair look with minimal effort and changes to your routine, simply blow dry hair after your usual shampooing and conditioning. Your blow dryer is one of the less intensive hair styling tools you can use, offering both hot and cool air options. Note that if using with hot air, you should limit the amount you expose you hair to it on a daily basis and it can cause damage. Once you know how to blow dry hair properly, you can almost magically add volume and bounce to your hair. No matter the natural texture of your hair, it’s even possible to blow dry hair straight or create blow dry curls; pick the style you like and go for it!

Below, we share some simple tricks to help turn your dryer into a powerful styling tool that can transform your look into different trendy blow dry hairstyles that really make a statement. Our tips will also prevent your hair from going limp right after you style it. All you need to get started is a blow dryer, a round brush or paddle brush for a sleek style, and heat protectant spray to maintain enough moisture in your hair and to avoid heat damage.

Blow Drying Short Hair

Smiling woman with pixie haircut

With just a couple of styling tricks, your hair will be looking sleek in no time

Blow drying hairstyles for short hair can bump up a flat, limp look into a vivacious one that can still look full even at the end of the day. This merely requires a few simple but effective styling tricks:

  • When styling short hair and using a blow dryer, you can create extra volume by working against the natural fall of your hair.
  • You can add fullness by working a small amount of göt2b® Powder-ful® volumizing styling powder through your hair at the roots.
  • If your hair tends to stick to your scalp and look flat after styling, use clips to hold the strands up until the hair is cool, then remove the clips carefully.


One of the cutest blow dry hairstyles for short hair is the classic short bob, which looks particularly appealing when the hair is silky-smooth with a lot of volume. The hair ends should be softly turned under, which you can easily achieve by blow drying hair using a round brush. Part the hair as usual and proceed to blow dry in sections while slowly curling the hair ends over the round brush from the roots to the ends. This motion will give you great blow dry curls and frame your face beautifully.

You can also blow dry the sections at a 90-degree angle relative to the brush to really turn under the hair ends and create fantastic volume as well. Repeat this step if necessary. Use our göt2b® Glam Force® hairspray for the finishing touch and to achieve a day-long hold.

How to blow dry hair straight

Brunette woman with bob

Blow-dry your bob and make it look silky and shiny

When it comes to blow drying hair straight, patience and perseverance is key! Many women with slightly frizzy or wavy hair dream of having gorgeous, straight hair that is silky-smooth and full of shine. With a little work and finesse, you can actually blow dry hair to make this dream come true.

  • First, distribute a smoothing anti-frizz lotion into your hair after washing and part your hair into several sections, spraying each section individually with heat protectant.
  • Using a paddle brush, which is always the best hair brush for blow drying hair, brush from the roots underneath each section and pull all of hair through the brush bristles.
  • At the same time blow dry hair from above, holding the blow dryer nozzle at a 90-degree angle to the hair surface.
  • Once you have blow dried hair straight at the roots and middle, pull it inward over a round brush for a smooth finish.


To create a glossy finish simply add some oil to your fingertips and pull your hair into place. Alternatively, you can hang your head upside down and shake your hair out for a more tousled version of the classic blowout hair style.