Michael Fassbender with a beard
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Beard Haircuts: The Hottest Combinations

Beards are officially back in style, and not just the rustic lumberjack chic look. Beards of all kinds are on trend, from designer beards and stubble to goatees, the “beardstache”, and plenty more besides. This is great news for all you style-conscious men out there, since it means experimenting with your facial hair can be just as fitting for the boardroom as for the street. But remember, your beard doesn’t exist in a vacuum: a tasteful pairing of hair and beard styles is vital for a cohesively stylish look.

Top haircuts for men with beards

Beard haircuts looks great on most men

Wear you beard full and thick or keep it short and subtle

Wearing a beard is a great way to express your unique style and individuality, as it allows you to mix up this style as and when you want, simply by trimming your beard. Choosing a perfectly complementary hairstyle for your beard expands these stylistic possibilities even more. The choices are virtually endless – and entirely yours – but check out some of the most loved and best options for hairstyles with beards to give you some inspiration.

Man bun & medium-length beard

These two styles are so harmonious, rocking a man bun without a beard is hardly even conceivable. This medium-length beard and hairstyle combo is the perfect illustration of how growing the appropriate type of beard can bring perfect balance and harmony to certain hairstyles. Too little facial hair, like stubbly beards and goatees, may make your look feel a bit disjointed. That said, feel free to grow your beard even longer if you want go for an extra-rugged look!

Undercut styles

The men’s undercut is the epitome of versatility when it comes to beard haircuts, spanning the whole gamut of styles, from rough and rugged to strictly business. For example, an undercut with long hair and beard style will give you an edgy look that’s bound to turn a few heads. Alternatively, you can easily tone it down a little and achieve a classy and ultra-stylish image by opting for a shorter haircut with a low fade. With this haircut for beards, the choice is yours!

Side parting & short beard

The side part is a classic yet somehow still feels contemporary, especially when you match it with an appropriate beard style. Since neatly side-swept hair is particularly suited to more professional or formal occasions, a well-groomed beard is the perfect match for this style. This still leaves plenty of room for variation with your beard, too. For instance, instead of a full beard, you could try a neatly trimmed goatee to mix it up. Whatever you decide, the key for this beard and hairstyle pairing is regular maintenance – keep your beard trimmed and your hair part neat!

Care tips for your beard and hairstyle

Hair and beard styles require care and upkeep

´Keep your beard looking great with the right care program

The feeling of choosing your ideal haircut and beard combination is great in itself, but to really get the most out of your new look you need to make sure you’re taking care of both your beard and hair equally. First of all, no matter whether you’ve opted for a well-trimmed goatee or a thick and full beard, keeping your beard well-conditioned is highly beneficial. The göt2b® PHENOMENAL conditioning oil is ideal for this, helping to soften and tame your beard and keep it from getting scraggly. At the same time, pay close attention to your men’s hair care regime – it’s no good having a perfectly kempt beard if your hair is dry and brittle or greasy! If you’re normally a bit pressed for time in the morning, using a combination product like göt2b®  PHENOMENAL beard and hair shampoo is a handy time-saving way to make sure your entire head of hair gets the nourishment it needs.