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Clip-in Bangs: Try Out This New Hair Craze

If you’ve been on Instagram lately and seen a celebrity with great bangs that they didn’t have the day before, they likely had fake bangs! From feathered to textured to faux, bangs can come in a range of hot styles, but it’s a hairstyle that not everyone is ready to commit to, even if they think it looks great. This is where clip-in bangs comes in: these extensions allow you to try out hairstyles with bangs and see if they suit you. If you want to learn more about how these extensions work, read on.


Clip-in bangs are basically hair extensions that you can attach to the front of your hair to give you the appearance of having bangs. These look incredibly real and can fool even the most eagle-eyed person out there! Celebrities love these, as they can easily change their hairstyle for runway shows, fashion shoots, or simply a quick Instagram post. Fake bangs come in many different colors, so don’t worry about there not being one for you! Whether it’s for a special event or because you simply want to switch things up after having had the same style for a long time, try these extensions and see how they look.


How to get fake bangs

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Bob and bangs go perfectly together - even if the bangs are fake!

Thankfully, clip-in bangs are readily available to buy online or in most shops that sell hair accessories. Many hairstylists also stock these extensions and can attach them to your hair with ease. Indeed, they’ll have to cut, style and maybe even dye the fake bangs to ensure they fit seamlessly with the rest of your haircut. The key is to make them look as natural and real as possible! Expect your stylist to even use a blow dryer over a round brush to give your hair a nice bend, and finish with some root coloring spray in order to match the roots. Trying out bangs will give you the freedom and confidence to rock new hairstyles without having to commit to them.


If clip-in bangs have gotten you inspired, then why not completely mix things up and consider a bob hairstyle with bangs? It might well be a big change from your current haircut, but this is a classic look that never goes out of style. Whether it’s a new year or a new season, use fake bangs to help you eventually transition to the real deal!