Bardot started the curtain bangs trend
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Curtain Bangs: Relaxed & Low-Maintenance

Curtain bangs are the latest hot hair trend that everyone is getting excited by. Drawing on the originator of the look – Brigitte Bardot’s dreamy, pouty, peering-from-between-her-bangs nonchalance – this style is all about being relaxed, feminine and low-maintenance. Here we take a look at the best cuts and ways to style your curtain bangs, and even offer some tips on how to perfect your own individual take on the look.

Deciding on the right curtain fringe for you

Curtain bangs are a hot trend

Curtain bangs have been a top trend for decades

Curtain bangs are an updated take on an old classic. Paired with heavily feathered layers, they came to the fore as one of the most popular of all 70s hairstyles and were seen on everyone from Farrah Fawcett to Goldie Hawn. The curtain look once again enjoyed a resurgence of fame in the 90s, although this time better known for being worn on the biggest male stars of the era, such as Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham! Today, curtain bangs are back and in a big way. As almost every starlet in Hollywood and on Instagram has been photographed wearing them, it’s proven that this hot new hair trend isn’t going anywhere.

Hairstyles that work with curtain bangs

There are very few cuts and styles that curtain bangs can’t be worn with, but these are a few of the best pairings.


High Ponytail

Wearing a high ponytail with curtain bangs spells effortless chic. Whether you are heading out to the gym, the shops, or meeting friends, this look has the perfect balance of practicality and cuteness.


The Shag

Adding heavy layers help blend curtain bangs into a shag haircut seamlessly, and give you instant rock-chick vibes.


The Lob

The long bob is not only pioneering a comeback for shoulder-length hair but it’s also the perfect base onto which you can cut curtain bangs.

How to cut curtain bangs

Casual curtain bangs

Casual curtain bangs look effortless

Curtain bangs are made by parting your bangs in the center and moving them to the sides so that they frame your face. Typically, the bangs will be cut into an inverted ‘V’ shape so that they perfectly glide over your cheekbones and even sometimes taper down to the jawline. Before cutting curtain bangs, it’s important to consider how you want them to blend with the rest of your hair: do you want a clean edge or a more tousled join? What’s more, think about your face shape and hair texture; which of the following categories do you fall into?

  • Long faces: Curtain bangs really help disguise wide foreheads and long faces, so opt for a fairly chunky cut that offers a lot of coverage.
  • Curly hair: Curlies will want to keep plenty of length in their hair to balance out the curtain bangs and let their curls properly form with definition.
  • Thin hair: For anyone with fine hair, curtain bangs can be a great way of adding face-framing volume. Go for longer strands that can fall in wisps. 



Styling your curtain fringe

Bangs are notoriously high maintenance, requiring regular trims and daily styling to ensure they fall just right. One of the great things about curtain bangs, however, is that they are somewhat lower maintenance; a lazy girl’s cut of choice. This is for two reasons: firstly, as the bangs are parted you can go longer between cuts as there isn’t the immediate need to keep hair out of your eyes. Secondly, you can style them to be as relaxed as you like or otherwise:


Low maintenance

After washing, apply a small amount of a styling product like the göt2b Glam Force Sculpting Gel through the hair, part it and twist your bangs around your fingers. Smooth the roots and leave to air dry. This should offer a relaxed beach waves hair effect.


High maintenance

Clip the bangs into place while you dry the rest of the hair. Use a barrel brush to  blow-dry the hair forward and add the amount of curl you want. Finish by applying a good spritz of göt2b Glam Force Hairspray to a comb and gently run this through the bangs for extra hold.