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The Mullet: This 80s Hairstyle is Having a Comeback!


A well-known favorite from the 80s is trending again: the mullet. The cut has evolved over time (thank goodness) and its toned-down version is sure to win over even the greatest mullet-skeptics.


So, what is a mullet? Let’s get a quick overview of this classic 80s haircut, known for its “business in the front, party in the back” style: The long bangs in the front transition to short hair at the sides, while the hair at the back is left long. David Bowie, famous for both his music and his hair, was certainly a fan. Today, a few decades later, we’re seeing a mullet comeback – and the hairstyle is crowning the heads of numerous trendsetters.

Who can pull off a mullet?

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Punk look: Make sure you choose the right mullet for your hair type

To be fair: whoever gets a mullet haircut needs some courage to pull it off. This is especially true when it comes to the more extreme mullet cut: long messy bangs, sides shaved very short, and hair at the back of at least shoulder-length. At the moment, the softer, toned-down version of this 80s hairstyle is particularly trendy. And how does that look? The bangs reach to the eyebrows, and the hair near the temples is layered so that the transition to the longer section in the back doesn’t seem as extreme. This creates a softer look that can also take on a more romantic feel.


Tip: Because the mullet can be cut in different ways, it’s recommended to select a mullet hairstyle that suits your hair type. Go in for a consultation with a professional hair stylist to make sure you’re getting the cut that’s best for you.

How to style a mullet

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You could always dye your locks to stand out even more!

The contemporary mullet hairstyle looks the most modern on those with thicker hair, since it plays up the volume, than on those with thin, straight hair. However, if you have your heart set on getting a modern mullet but have finer hair, styling it correctly can help! For fine hair, work a texturizing balm into your hair and follow up with volumizing powder to add fullness.


The mullet also suits women with natural curls. The soft layered transition from the bangs to the length in the back provides a contemporary look that compliments those curls. To make sure your curly mullet doesn’t end up looking like a ball of frizz, just make sure you add some product while styling. After washing, work a hazelnut-sized amount of mousse into your hair and then dry using a diffuser. Treat your ends to some hair oil and you’re ready to go!

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