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Scrunchies: These Popular 80s Hair Ties Are Back


Every heard of scrunchies? No, this isn’t some new food trend, but rather a newly rediscovered hair accessory. These fabric-covered hair elastics from the 80s are back, decorating the hairdos of more and more trendsetters. This cult hair accessory is worn especially in combination with buns and ponytails.


Girl with 80s look wearing a blue scrunchy

The 80s are back! Celebrate with a scrunchie hairstyle

Once considered a fashion faux pas, scrunchies are now adorning the hair of style icons all over the world. Call it nostalgia or a blast from the past – we’re in the middle of a serious scrunchie comeback that shouldn’t be ignored. Scrunchies are not only functional; they’re also cute and add a pop to otherwise simple hairstyles. Scrunchies come in a bunch of materials, colors, and patterns. They can be a statement hairpiece made to stand out, or something more discreet and practical. It’s no surprise that we’re seeing more of them!

What is a scrunchie?

Scrunchies are just hair elastics surrounded by fabric that’s been bunched (or scrunched) up. In the 80s and 90s, scrunchies were really thick, but nowadays thinner scrunchies with less fabric are on the market too. Because of the extra fabric, they’re great at offering hairstyles more support and keeping them in place. This is especially true for longer, thicker hair.

Which hairstyles can be styled using a scrunchie?

Stylish blonde woman wearing a scrunchie

Scrunchies: a great accessory for any outfit

Depending on the style you’re going for, your scrunchie of choice may be retro and flashy or modern and toned-down. With so many styles to choose from, it’s best to just pick out a few and experiment with different outfits. Scrunchies can be as fun or as chic as you want them to be!


Traditionally, scrunchy hairstyles revolved around holding buns and ponytails in place. That’s because the scrunchie is a bit thicker than a normal hair elastic. Whether a top knot, messy bun, or classic ballerina bun, tying the scrunchie around your bun after styling it lends it the perfect final touch. Plus, the extra fabric conveniently hides any bumps you couldn’t smooth out if you’re going for a sleeker look. Loose ponytails and braids can also be finished off with a scrunchie, placed either at the tail end, or closer to the base.


If your hair is thinner, opt for thinner scrunchies so that the hair accessory doesn’t overwhelm your hairdo. If your hair is thicker, however, the scrunchie is going to have to be able to carry quite some weight, so don’t shy away from the thick retro statement pieces.

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