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Iconic 70s Hairstyles & Outfit Inspo

In the 70s, young people shook up society with their creative, unique, colorful but sometimes over-the-top fashion and hairstyle choices. Today’s 1970s hairstyles and outfits are once again coming back into the spotlight, although modern takes on this retro style are slightly cleaner and show hints of nostalgic elegance. Take a trip back down memory lane to see the 70s haircuts that defined the era and tips on how to wear them in sync with modern fashion trends.

1970s hair: the signature of the decade

Big and wild 70s hair

High impact 70s hair

When you think about the 1970s, a number of things might come to mind: disco, roller-skating, Studio 54, punk, Star Wars… the list is endless! If there was one thing, however, that marks the decade out instantly then it’s those seventies hairstyles and fashion choices. Whether you have a fond nostalgia of the era or simply want a great outfit for a theme party, we are here to walk you through all the biggest 70s hair trends and advise on how you can recreate them yourself at home. Even better, we offer some fashion tips too so you can totally nail the look.

The fashion, makeup and hairstyles of the 70s

Pure 70s hair cool

The laidback hippie style was evident in many 70s hairstyles

In the 70s, haircuts and outfits were unique, off-kilter and hard to overlook. People loved saturated colors, flamboyant patterns, and durable materials – the bigger the better! Some of the most fashionable items included large collars, short skirts, bell bottoms and platform shoes. Disco-style clothing with shiny materials and sequins were also popular in the 1970s. Hippies made the case for flower prints, batik prints, and fluttery dresses, while 70s glam rock bands stole the limelight with their rivet-studded leather outfits and grungy styles. For makeup, nude or red lips with smoky eyes fit the 1970s hair and style perfectly.

Curled 70s hairstyles

There are few looks that scream 70s hair as much as that of Farrah Fawcett gazing out from behind her curled blowout. Cut to be heavily feathered and brushed out and to the sides, this Charlie’s Angels star achieved pin-up status with her trademark hair. This ultimate 70s hairstyle achieved such a level of fame, that a shampoo was even launched in Farrah’s name!


The perfect top for this hairstyle: A Marsala wine-colored turtleneck for winter or a bright halter top in summer.

70s hairstyles for long hair

Long 70s hairstyle

Jane Birkin was an icon of 70s hair

Long straight hair was a trend that started as a famous 60s hairstyle but carried into the next decade and continued to be a major influence on 70s hair trends. Especially influential were figures like Cher and Jane Birkin, who wore the look either with a center part or with heavy bangs. Although today knowing how to straighten hair simply involves the use of a straightener, back then women were known to even use an iron to smooth out their curls!


Outfit of choice: Short flowery dress with long sleeves, tie neck, and wide belt at waist level.

Hair scarf hairstyles in the 70s

In the 1970s, women loved to use creative hair accessories. The flowing headscarf was a favorite and could be used in a multitude of decorative ways. Drawing on the rising popularity of non-Western cultures, oriental and African patterns were frequently seen adorning fabrics and new ways to tie hair explored. Worn simply as a headband, over the whole head or even as a turban, in the 70s hairstyles got louder and brighter with the addition of scarves.


Matching materials and accessories: Glitter and glamour in the form of iridescent materials, metal accessories, sequins, and patent leather for that disco-ready look.