Model on a catwalk with a sixties hairstyle
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60s Hairstyles: Big Hair is all the Rage

Big hair is back again! Teased updos are among the top sixties hairstyles. Luckily, the teased updo requires neither design plans nor construction skills. Follow our styling tips and you will create high-volume 60s hair without magical powers.

How to Create Sixties Updos


This sixties updo looks impressive not only from the front. Impressive features appeal on all sides

1. First divide your hair into three portions and temporarily secure the top hair and the hair over the forehead on top of your head. Now you can create the sixties updo starting with the hair on the back of your head.  


2. Twist the hair on the back of your head into a banana hair clip and secure it with hidden bobby pins.


3. Now tease the top layer of your hair using a styling comb until you reach the desired volume. Teasing hair is more effective if you alternate teasing and applying hairspray. Carefully layer the teased hair back around the banana updo and secure the ends with hidden bobby pins as needed.


4. In the last step, tease the hair above the forehead and loosely layer it over the updo. Secure the strands with hidden bobby pins. Use as much hairspray as necessary to hold the updo in place.


This gorgeous 60s hairstyle is sure to make you the star of the evening. Who could take their eyes off this simple but elegant updo from the swinging sixties?

The high-volume 1960s hairstyles, with exciting details like large waves and twists, are not known for being inconspicuous or mousy. On the contrary, famous style icons proved the feminine allure of big hair.


Hairstyles from the sixties are back in full force today. The elegance of the classic sixties updo is not only eye-catching but also a safe and appealing choice for festive events. You can’t go wrong with a stylish updo for special occasions, and if your style is more on the daring side, there is no shortage of updo variations to show your personal style.

Tools for Creating Sixties Updos

Teasing your hair is a required skill for creating sixties-style updos. You need a styling comb, hairspray, and a few bobby pins or clips.