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Vintage Hairstyles For A Retro Chic Look

Glamorous, daring, sophisticated or playful: vintage hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for every occasion. From pin-up girl curls to hippie chic accessories, there are a number of different retro hairstyles you can wear in order to evoke bygone eras. You don’t have to be a professional level hairdresser to create these styles – you just need a little bit of patience and a few trusty products and tools. Find out how to recreate your favorite iconic looks with these easy vintage hairstyle ideas.

Your favorite retro hairstyles

Blonde woman with pink rolls in hair

Victory rolls are a perfect retro hairstyle

Picking a vintage hairstyle to try out is like walking into a fancy dress shop. Create a persona for yourself and live it up! We’ll walk through three of our favorite and most distinctive looks here, but suffice to say the options are endless! One of the best things about retro hairstyle and fashion is that they never go out of style. Their enduring appeal comes partly from setting yourself apart from the trends of today. When you step out with a gorgeous rockabilly hairstyle you can be sure that all eyes are on you! Take inspiration or go full imitation: vintage hairstyles for weddings or just for fun are all about getting creative.

1920s waves

Who doesn’t love the Roaring Twenties? Everyone who has been to a Gatsby-themed party knows how incredible the outfits and retro hairstyles can be. So, don’t let anything stop you from creating your own flapper look for fun or for an event – it doesn’t matter! 1920s hairstyles were generally bobbed, but you can still work with longer hair. Finger waves are ideal as they can be sculpted to be as high impact or demure as you like. Even better, they can be done using a curling iron, straightener, or with liberal amounts of göt2b® Ultra Glued styling gel. This can make for a gorgeous vintage hairstyle for a wedding because of its elegant glamour and suitability to be paired with a veil or other hair ornaments.

40s & 50s hair rolls

Red-haired woman with red bandana

Using a scarf or bandana is an easy way to create a 40s retro hairstyle

From victory rolls to the Gibson roll, the 40s and 50s were decades characterized by gorgeous and well-secured hairstyles. With either of these vintage hairstyles you can look classy and feminine, while enjoying all the benefits of having your hair tied up out of your face. These looks are best practiced with medium-long hair, as they require some length to secure. For those of you with shorter locks, fear not, there are plenty of 40s-style retro hairstyles you can try! For instance, pull your hair back and secure with pins, while tying a silk scarf or bandana prominently at the top of your head and allow a small amount of hair to bellow up. This will create a pronounced bouffant bangs effect: pair with some red lipstick and you are good to go!

Bardot bouffant

Woman with bouffant hair

Go for subtle bouffant hair if you don't want to go too big too soon

Some people are synonymous with their hairstyle, and Bridget Bardot is one of them. Her voluminous bouffant hair became one of the most iconic and infamous looks of the 60s and remains one of the most imitated styles today. Channel your inner on-screen goddess and create this retro hairstyle at home in just a few steps. Using just a blow dryer, some good round brushes and a good spritz of göt2b® Glam Force hairspray, this is an easy vintage hairstyle to create at home in less than ten minutes. Perfect for some short-notice glamour!

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