Woman with beautiful strawberry blonde hair, a popular hair color trend for women
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Getting To Know The Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

A beautiful hybrid between blazing red and beach blonde, the strawberry blonde hair color is becoming a firm favorite of women across the world. While typically best suited for those with lighter eyes and fair skin, achieving the appearance can be done with anyone who simply wants to look amazing with strawberry hair color.

Red blonde hair: Beautiful, bright, and easy to get

Woman with strawberry blonde hair

Strawberry blonde comes in so many great shades.

If you're someone who loves the classic blonde look but also the daring vivaciousness of red hair, then you're in luck as strawberry blonde hair is exactly what you're after. While it's true that some women naturally have this gorgeous color, others can reach for the bottle and still achieve the look for themselves. Simultaneously trending and yet always a favored choice of movie stars and musicians, reddish blonde hair color is understandably something many of us would love to have.


While celebrities with light-colored eyes and fair skin are usually seen as the archetype for color – such as Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, and Emma Stone – leading ladies of all skin types are successfully rocking the look. Women with darker skin tones, like actress Dascha Polanco and all-round goddess Beyoncé, are getting on-board the strawberry hair color trend and proving that anyone can wear the shade (and look awesome in the process). 

Hottest strawberry blonde hair color Ideas

Woman with red hair

Many woman love red hair with a touch of blonde.

Like many other types of hair color, red blonde hair comes in many different shades and forms. These popular options would look perfect when paired with one of the best contemporary red hairstyles.


Classic – The option favored by Emma Stone and Amy Adams, this is the shade that is the best combination of being blonde and a redhead.


Red undertones – Some blondes worry a little about straying too far from their light roots, which is why some women opt for red undertones or even highlights, much like Adele. This is where the layage hair trend would also come in handy.


Copper undertones – Blondes who add copper undertones get just a touch of red to their light hair, which can look beautifully dazzling in direct sunlight.


Strawberry honey – For those with tanned or olive skin, strawberry hair color with a hint of honey blonde hues is a striking look that still makes use of the fantastic red shade.


Contrasting roots – Women with darker skin have the opportunity to create a brilliant contrast. With dark roots blending into a copper, creamy strawberry blonde hair, you get a wonderful distinction of colors.


Whether you can go straight from blonde or require bleaching and coloring to get this look, remember to always use shampoo that will continually give you the best strawberry blonde hair color, like Gliss® Color Guard.